Spot's Corner

Celebrate Earth Month With Spot!
April 01, 2024
Spring has officially sprung and Earth Month is finally here! In honor of our planet...
6 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog on Thanksgiving
November 01, 2023
The tastiest time of the year is approaching, and we're ready to whip out our...
Get To Know Open Farm
July 16, 2020
At Healthy Spot, we take pride in knowing the brands that we carry share in...
Is Your Pet Eco-Friendly?
March 31, 2016
In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, we’ve put together a guide to help you and your pet live an eco-conscious lifestyle year round. You'll also receive a free reusable Healthy Spot tote bag when you spend $60 or more this month. Bring in the bag on Earth Day and get 10% off your entire purchase.  
Spot Big Savings With Our February Promos
January 29, 2016
This month we're sharing the love with Open Farm pet foods. For every bag your purchase of Open Farm, they will donate a 4.5lbs bag to a local rescue organization.
Open Farm: Ethically Raised and Sourced Farm-To-Table Pet Food
January 28, 2016
There’s kibble, the grain heavy, low protein stuff you find at big box pet stores, then there’s “kibble,” made with excellent ingredients through ethical means. While we built Healthy Spot around raw pet food, we know from experience that some pups just prefer and do better on dry food.