6 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog on Thanksgiving

6 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog on Thanksgiving

Nov 01, 2023Krista Carlson

The tastiest time of the year is approaching, and we're ready to whip out our stretchy pants and stuff our faces for Thanksgiving! As you gather around all your loved ones to indulge in some seriously delicious recipes, the temptation to feed your pup skyrockets. After all, who can resist those puppy dog eyes? While many Thanksgiving foods are perfectly safe for your pup, including turkey meat, sweet potato and pumpkin, many foods served this holiday can upset our fur baby's tummy. To have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with all your loved ones (especially the furry ones), check out this list of food you should avoid feeding to your pup this holiday.



Turkey can be a great source of nutrition for dogs, but it's important to remove all bones and skin before serving it to them. Turkey bones can cause choking hazards and blockages in their intestines, leading to major discomfort and pricey vet bills. Surprisingly, turkey skin can be even more dangerous than bones as it's high in fat and can cause serious health issues, so it's best to keep their turkey dish to just the meat. 



You may ask yourself: Can dogs eat potatoes? Cooked potatoes without added ingredients are safe for dogs in small portions, but raw ones are toxic to humans and pets because they contain solanine. During Thanksgiving, many potato dishes are prepared with butter, spices and herbs that can be harmful to dogs, which is why it's best to opt out of adding any potato dishes to your pup's plate this season.



Cranberries are widely considered a superfood for dogs because of their health benefits and antioxidants. However, canned cranberries and sauces can contain high levels of sugar, which can cause serious stomach issues for our pups. Unless you're feeding your pup a plain ol' cranberry from the vine, it's best to avoid it altogether.



As mentioned earlier, any Thanksgiving recipe with added butter, spices and herbs should not be included on your pup's plate. As tasty as stuffing can be to humans, these dishes typically include added ingredients and can be high in sodium, leading to loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea for pups. Also, most stuffing recipes include raisins and grapes, which are poisonous to dogs and can cause serious kidney problems. 

We ain't bluffin', steer your pup clear of stuffin'!



It's hard to believe two of the most common kitchen staples can harm our pet's health, with garlic and onion being the main reason our pups can't enjoy many Thanksgiving dishes. Both garlic and onion are part of the Allium family, which is poisonous to pets. Whether it's dried, fried, powdered, cooked or raw, these foods should never be a part of any dish you feed your pet. 🚫🧄🧅🚫


Let's face it: Indulging in delicious food on Thanksgiving is no fun if our best fur-iend has to miss out. Now that you’ve learned about all the food you should avoid feeding your pup on Thanksgiving, we wanted to offer you an alternative dish that will satisfy their festive cravings. So, we've concocted a recipe for their very own holiday dish, Pupsgiving Pie! Check out the recipe below to make their holiday un-fur-gettable with nutritious ingredients you can order online or pick up at your local Spot!



What You’ll Need: 

PIE CRUST - Any freeze-dried dog food can work as your pie crust. Check out some of the tasty options we recommend: 


      PIE FILLING - We'll need something wet for the center of your pup pie. If you're out of wet food at home, many of our high-quality brands offer nutritious wet food options! Take a peek at what we have online: 


          TOPPINGS - This is the part where you can get creative! Sprinkle all your pet's favorite chews and treats atop their scrumptious pie! Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to try something new and stock up on a few of our best-sellers: 




            1. Take a few scoops of freeze-dried food and crumble it up using either your hands or a fork

            2. Use the crumbled-up food to build and shape the pie crust and place it into a small bowl or cupcake-sized baking cups

            3. Pour the wet food on top of the pie crust

            4. Add your desired toppings to enhance the flavor and serve with love

              Pro Tip: Add pet-friendly, non-dairy whipped cream on top to take your pup's tastebuds to the next level!


              Now that you've mastered which Thanksgiving foods to avoid feeding your dog, you're bound for a safe and worry-free holiday celebration! Plus, with their very own specially crafted pie, we have no doubt that this may be one of the best celebrations of the year!

              As we approach this season of gratitude, we want to thank you for supporting our mission of inspiring healthy pet lifestyles.

              Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Healthy Spot!



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