Get To Know Open Farm

Get To Know Open Farm

Jul 16, 2020Yasmin Amirani

At Healthy Spot, we take pride in knowing the brands that we carry share in our commitment to keep pets healthy and happy. Spot's Co/Lab is our pack of innovative partners aligned with our mission of inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by providing unique and impactful experiences with our community. This month, we’re featuring Open Farm!

@macandmoz on Instagram, pictured with Open Farm products

Meet Open Farm
Open Farm is a Canadian-based pet food brand established to create “ultra premium pet food.” What that means to the founders is using ethically-sourced ingredients and sustainable efforts to produce each and every product. What they do is as simple as their name. They have livestock raised on free-range family farms, and all of their products are antibiotic-free and hormone-free. In addition to premium nutrition and ethical sourcing, Open Farm is also committed to transparency.

The Proof Is On The Packaging
Open Farm is the right brand for any cat or dog parent that wants to know exactly where their pet’s food is coming from and believes in farm-to-bowl benefits. On every Open Farm package, there’s a lot code that can be entered into a tracker on their website to get a trace report of the origin of every ingredient. Open Farm is also dedicated to sustainability. t Their packaging is recyclable, and recently, they partnered with Loop to create waste-free packaging. Open Farm also became the first pet brand to create a nationwide recycling program by partnering with TerraCycle, a social enterprise on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste, to create a free recycling program for their pet food packaging, as well as a fundraising opportunity for participants. 

Confessions Of A Healthy Spot Team Member
Their food is even a favorite among Healthy Spot team members! We spoke to our Director of Brand Marketing, Reva Choi, to better understand why she chooses Open Farm to feed her pups, Chewie and Laifu:

Reva's dogs, Chewie and Laifu

  • Why do you buy Open Farm for your pets?
    Reva: I have always been impressed with how all of Open Farm's products are humanely and sustainably sourced. It makes me feel good about feeding my pups the protein they need. I also love that their food packaging is recyclable, so I know that all of our empty bags of food are not going to landfill and harming the planet.
  • What are your favorite Open Farm products?
    Reva: My pups' favorite treats are the Cod Skin Dog Treats and I just love hearing them happily crunch away. They both are eating Open Farm's grain-free kibble, which we top with warmed up bone broth for extra hydration and nutrients.
  • Do you have any tips for other pet parents that want to use the same products for their pets, or a reason why certain products are the best for your pets?
    Reva: There are so many benefits with feeding your pup a frozen raw diet, but sometimes it can get expensive or it doesn't sit well with your pet's tummy - Open Farm's grain-free kibble is a great way to incorporate a high protein diet in a convenient and more palatable way!

At Healthy Spot, you can find Open Farm’s kibble, Gently Cooked Food, stews and treats. Give your pet a fresh from the farm meal today!


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