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Caption These Grillz Photo Contest

Posted on Feb 01, 2018 , 0 comments

Have you ever taken a good look inside your pet’s mouth? Even though you provide your pet with high-quality food, routine checkups, and plenty of exercise, oral hygiene can creep up and cause serious problems if left untreated. To highlight the importance of good oral hygiene, we’re hosting a fun contest to spread awareness about how crucial dental health is for your pet’s health. Read More

Pet Oral Hygiene That Isn't Teeth Brushing

Posted on Feb 01, 2018 , 2 comments

How often do you brush your pet’s teeth? If you’re like most, your schedule makes it nearly impossible to brush your pet’s teeth daily, as recommended by veterinarians. As busy pet owners ourselves, we completely understand, so we’ve come up with easier, but still efficient, ways to keep your furry friend’s pearly whites gleaming! While properly cleaning your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush is the best option and we do recommend you try to fit it into your schedule if possible, there are other ways to help them maintain good oral hygiene! Read More

February Promotions

Posted on Jan 31, 2018 , 0 comments

It’s Pet Dental Month! Give your furry friend the gift of shiny, bright teeth with our February Promotions! From Grandma Lucy’s to Healthy Spot, this month’s promos are here to splurge your pet with nutritious food, delicious treats, and the cutest accessories. Who said dental care had to only be about teeth brushing? Read More

Pathogenic Bacteria Found in JustFoodForDogs Turducken Recipe

Posted on Jan 16, 2018 , 0 comments

JustFoodForDogs has recently reported that specific recipes of their cooked frozen dog food has been voluntarily recalled due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. 

Read More

3 Ingredients To Avoid In Your Pet’s Food

Posted on Dec 29, 2017 , 0 comments

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when shopping for your pet’s food? With ingredients that have words such as “ethoxyquin” and “propylene glycol”, it can be a little intimidating to know what’s best for our furry friends. What makes one brand better than the other? Why is there such a difference in prices? What’s best for my pet’s needs? Read More

Fresh Start Food Quiz

Posted on Dec 29, 2017 , 1 comment

Start the new year on the right paw! We’re excited you’ve taken our Fresh Start Quiz and interested in changing previous habits for the better, down to your pet’s food. Based on the answers you chose, we matched you with an option that best matches yours and your pet’s lifestyle. Learn more about your results below and make the change now! Read More

January Promotions

Posted on Dec 29, 2017 , 0 comments

What are your New Year Resolutions? If you ask your pet, we’re sure they’d say it’s to get their paws on our January Promotions! Whether you own a kitty or a pup, our new year promos are equally just as great for both. Keep your pet healthy and happy with frozen raw food, Healthy Spot treats, and toys designed for cats. Here’s to new beginnings – and yummy goodies! Read More

Metal Found In Wooly Wonkz Toys

Posted on Dec 12, 2017 , 0 comments

RC Pet issued a recall on their Wooly Wonkz dog and cat toys. Sharp metal pieces were found within the stuffing of a few toys, which can cause harm if chewed or digested by pets. Read More

December Promotions

Posted on Nov 29, 2017 , 1 comment

What’s the perfect holiday gift? If you ask your pet, they wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s our December promos! This season, we have special goodies from Healthy Spot, Spot On, Primal Pet Foods, as well as magical treats on our December Dollars, grooming specials, and more.  Send your holiday best with Healthy Spot! Read More

The Pawfect Stocking Stuffers

Posted on Nov 20, 2017 , 0 comments

Here comes Santa Paws with small delights for your pup! We’re carrying the warmest, the trendiest, and the most seasonal goodies for your pup to enjoy this Holiday Season. From apparel, toys, and accessories, we’re sure you’ll find the pawfect stocking stuffers for your pet at Healthy Spot.    Read More