Celebrating 16 Treats for Spot's Sweet 16!

Celebrating 16 Treats for Spot's Sweet 16!

May 01, 2024Healthy Spot

We are honored and grateful for 16 years of Healthy Spot! As we celebrate Spot's Sweet 16 all month long with events, promotions, and goodies for our fur-iends, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our top 16 treats - because every celebration needs a good treat! These mouthwatering morsels have been the talk of the town over the past year, winning the hearts of pets and their humans because of their tastiness, purity, and nutrient-rich benefits. Dive into the lineup of 16 irresistible treats and why we love them!   


Treat your pup with the rich flavor of 100% pure duck breast packed into chewy jerky strips. Cooked at low temps to pure perfection, this smoked treat will even have pawrents droolin' with its protein-packed tastiness!



2. MIND BODY BOWL Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Treats

These 100% freeze-dried chicken breast treats offer a crunchy texture and pure, protein-packed wholesomeness. The best part? They're perfect for both dogs and cats! Say hello to a happy pet with these tasty bites of goodness! 


3. MIND BODY BOWL Smoked Chicken Jerky

Another savory delight from the MIND BODY BOWL jerky line, this time featuring tender chicken infused with smoky flavor. It's no wonder these jerkies are a hit among pups—they're simple yet pawfectly chewy! 


4. Green JuJu Freeze-Dried Bison Treats

Give your pet a taste of bison with these freeze-dried treats. Carefully crafted to capture the essence of the wilderness, your best fur-iend will savor every last bite whether you use them as a treat or a meal topper! 


5. MIND BODY BOWL Salmon & Sweet Potato Chompies

When salmon and sweet potato come together, the result is a mouth-watering fusion of flavors that is both nutritious and delicious. These chewy, savory delights are hard for pups to resist!


 6. Open Farm Dehydrated Cod Skin

Treat your dog to a taste of the sea with these crunchy 100% wild-caught cod skin treats! Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, these nutritious bites of cod crunchiness also help promote a healthy coat and skin.


7. MIND BODY BOWL 12" Beef Taffy Chew

Give your dog a long-lasting treat with MIND BODY BOWL's Beef Taffy Chew, perfect for keeping jaws busy and tails wagging! Your chomper will love the flavor of these all-natural, single-ingredient, protein chews.



8. Green Juju Green Freeze-Dried Salmon Treats

These small treats offer a combination of protein, organic fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in every bite. These freeze-dried salmon treats pack in Omega-3 fatty acids, making them a hit among health-conscious pet owners.


9. MIND BODY BOWL Beef Liver Freeze-Dried Treats

Every bite of these pure beef freeze-dried morsels packs a savory flavor that will make your dog and cat beg for more. Satisfy their carnivorous cravings with 100% pure and savory beef liver today!  


10. Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Beef Bites

These bite-sized treats are crafted using quality beef that is freeze-dried to preserve the delicious flavor and essential nutrients. Use them as a delicious midday snack or meal topper to add some raw nutrition goodness!


    11. GoGo Turkey Tendons

    A natural and chewy treat, these turkey tendons are perfect for promoting dental health. GoGo get them today and treat your furry pal to some high-protein tastiness! 



      12. MIND BODY BOWL It's All Gouda Cheese Treats

      These single-ingredient, protein-packed cheesy delights for your furry pup or cool cat are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.



      A healthier alternative to rawhide, these chicken chews are long-lasting and easily digestible, perfect for keeping your dog entertained. Plus, chews are great for your pup's dental health, making them beneficial for them from the inside out!



      14. MIND BODY BOWL Smoked Salmon Jerky

      Another irresistible jerky from MIND BODY BOWL, featuring the rich flavor of smoked salmon. Satisfy your pup's cravings guilt-free and treat them to the high-protein, delicious, nutritiousness of the sea. 


      15. Earth Animal No-Hide Venison Chew

      Our pups love to chew, which keeps their jaws and teeth clean and strong! Earth Animal No-Hide Chews are a safe and tasty alternative to rawhide chews, made with real venison and easily digestible ingredients for a healthy (and fun) treat option! 


      16. Open Farm Dehydrated Beef Dog Treats

      Made with 100% humanely raised beef, these dehydrated treats are rich in protein and free from artificial additives. Your pet will love the taste, and you'll love the peace of mind knowing you're giving them the best!




        As we reflect on the past 16 years, we're grateful for the opportunity to provide your beloved best fur-iends with the highest quality treats and products on the market. Here's to another year of waggin' tails, happy times, and healthy lifestyles!


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