Spot's Corner

Introducing 3 New Healthy Spot Locations 👀
August 24, 2022
Our mission at Healthy Spot is to inspire healthy pet lifestyles by creating authentic experiences and fostering community. From our first location in Santa Monica to opening over 20 stores all across California, our Spot locations have been carefully selected to ensure we open in vibrant neighborhoods with growing pet communities. We're excited to announce we have 3 new locations opening up this Fall!
Spot's August Sips & Snacks 🥂
August 01, 2022
We know you love giving your pets' treats almost as much as they love eating them! Check out...
July 2022 Pet Food Recalls
July 07, 2022
At Healthy Spot, we know your dogs and cats are more than just pets, they’re...
Local Spot Stops! 🚗
July 05, 2022
Make the most of your next Healthy Spot visit with Local Spot Stops! We're thrilled to have our Spot locations in pawsome neighborhoods that support local businesses and diverse communities. Keep reading to learn more about some great pet-friendly places you and your pup can check out after your next local Spot visit! 
Pool Day With Your Pup!
July 05, 2022
It's vital for every responsible pet owner to know the proper safety protocols that come with all the poolside hangs you're planning with your pup. In this article, we will highlight important things to keep in mind this summer to ensure a happy, healthy and safe summer!
June 15, 2022
In honor of Pet Preparedness Month, we’re here with tips on what to pack for your pet in case of an emergency or natural disaster.