Pride in Our Pack

Pride in Our Pack

Jun 01, 2023Amy Burns Barr

Healthy Spot prides itself on its company culture. We encourage our team members to bring their true and authentic selves to work, fostering a safe and inclusive workplace and allowing for expression and celebration, regardless of identity. In honor of Pride Month this June, we're thrilled to share more about our Healthy Spot LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

We asked some of our team members to share their pronouns, how Healthy Spot supports its employees to be their true and authentic selves, and why they have pride in our Healthy Spot pack.

Check out what they had to say! 


Elicia M., Accounting

Elicia M., Accounting

Pronouns: She/Her

"I am a weirdo, a lover of laughter, a creative through and through, and a total care bear toward everything from animals to all the fancy humans of every persuasion! I have NEVER felt so encouraged to bring my authentic self forward and use it in the day to day as when I started in Healthy Spot retail and the feeling was continued as I began at HQ. The camaraderie is not only strong, it is effervescent. Healthy Spot has a knack for not just picking animal eccentrics, but exceptional souls that take folks as they are and want to live together in this eclectic world in unison, without compromising any part of what makes us all unique."

"We bring dog and cat nutrition and care in both grooming and daycare to the next level!! We encourage people to adopt not shop!!! We are a diverse group who are drawn to this for different reasons, but we are all FABULOUS!!!"

Alan L., Grooming

Alan L., Grooming

Pronouns: He/Him 

"It's a judgment free zone! We're all very accepting of who we identify ourselves as!"

"We all lift each other up and encourage each other to be our best selves!"

Cory N., Marketing

Cory N., Marketing

Pronouns: She/her/hers - "Although, I don't actually identify with them. I identify as non-binary so I feel I don't fit the social roles placed on men and women but, instead, think of myself as having no gender. I resonate with "human". Honestly, if my name could be my pronoun, that's what I'd want!"

"Over the past few years of working Healthy Spot events, I have visited almost every store and have gotten the opportunity to interact with so many of you! I've been able to see firsthand the different expressions of style, self, and identity that you all proudly wear both physically and figuratively. Seeing with my own eyes how Healthy Spot encourages its employees to wear the uniform in the way that makes the individual feel most comfortable, in addition to being open to adopting different pronouns and uses of names, makes me feel truly supported by Healthy Spot to show up each day as my authentic self."

"Because Healthy Spot is where it's at! We may be a tiny company, but we are mighty! Prior to working for this fantastic company, I worked for a competitor, and Healthy Spot was regularly mentioned and its practices watched. Since ditching the competitor and joining Healthy Spot, my pride in this pack has only deepened thanks to the dedication of all of you, the openmindedness and support of the company overall, and the fact that, at the end of the day, we're all here for one reason - to improve the lives of the pets in our communities, one pet at a time!

Jordan H., Human Resources
Jordan H., Human Resources

Pronouns: He/Him 

"​They allow me to be who I am without judgment. Healthy Spot also works with different organizations like the LGBT Center, etc. It's important that they put their mouth where their money is.​"

"I have pride in our pack because we go beyond just helping pets. That is already enough to be proud of, but the fact that Healthy Spot was active in previous pride parades/celebrations, tells me what I need to know. Nobody has ever made me feel uncomfortable or out of place here."

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Looking to join our pack? Find a career working with pets while doing what you love! We strive to create a fun, communicative and engaging work environment. Sound like a good fit for you? Check out our open positions!


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