Meet Some Members From Our Pack!

Meet Some Members From Our Pack!

Mar 03, 2023Yasmin Amirani

Our shared mission to provide healthy pet lifestyles to you and your fur family wouldn't be possible without our passionate and hardworking team members! We're honored to introduce you to a few members of our pack (and their fur children) and to provide some insight into the driving force behind their passion:

Do you have a pet that inspires you to share the Healthy Spot mission every day?

"Because I have three dogs, I feel as though I can relate with our customers more, share my own personal experiences and/or recommendations when the situation calls for it, and because of that, create more healthy pet lifestyles and develop a stronger sense of community."
- Alexa N., Retail Key Holder 

"Yes, I have a 12-year-old Chihuahua Terrier. When an item works for me I love suggesting it to customers!"
- Nesli S., Assistant Retail Manager


"My dogs are named Kylo and Gertie. They are both American Staffordshire Terriers and were once homeless pets. With proper training and socialization, grooming, and healthy food- my pups are as happy as can be! That's what Mind, Body, Bowl is all about- Ultimate Pet Health and Happiness."
- Colleen S., Grooming

"I have two pets now that I love dearly. One is a 4-year-old pit bull with major skin issues, allergies and was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Knowing that we have items that I can use for all of his needs helps me to feel great about recommending products to people who may have similar issues. I also had a dog living with me in the past that was epileptic. I was able to control his seizures with diet and the help of supplements. Knowing that I come to work every day to help my pets and other people with their pets is what drives me to show up and do my best!"
- Rhonda H., Spot Manager

What is your favorite part of the Healthy Spot mission?

"My favorite part of the Healthy Spot mission is helping pet parents find the best quality nutrition catered specifically to their furry loved ones!"
- Lessly R., Retail Manager


"High-quality food for all pets!"
Mariana O., Retail Key Holder



"I think improving pet health improves people's lives. We are very lucky to share our lives with pets and I think every pet parent wants the best for there pup. Educating our communities about the best products and services for their pets is key."
- Patricia S., Services 

"Creating a community. I'm big on spreading joy and sharing knowledge; both these principles attract different types of pawrents! My friends from the neighborhood stores that come to have a good time, a good laugh and a good shop and the clients that keep coming to learn not only about food and supplements but also about dog training."
- Victoria R., Daycare Manager

"The ability to create authentic experiences, allows me to be me to the fullest extent, and provide a service to parents which is a bonus. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this opportunity, at the time I did."
- Rene A., Experience Manager

Which Healthy Spot value most resonates with you?

"The value that resonates most with me is "We believe our best investment is in our people" and I feel as though this value is held very close to the hearts of those who work for Healthy Spot. Regardless of the department, how long someone has been employed, or what the person's background is, Healthy Spot cares about its employees and goes out of the way to express as much! From lunch gatherings to holiday get-togethers to the HQ team surprising the store staff with goodies after a strong quarter! Healthy Spot knows that it takes a big crew of happy, passionate people to keep things running smoothly!"
- Cory N., Partnerships Marketing

"We believe pets are family! I can’t imagine my life without my fur babies. I work hard to give my pets a better life and I know it’s silly but it’s true! Luckily my coworkers and customers believe the same thing so it just seems normal!"
- Stephanie P., Retail Key Holder

"Inspiring healthy pet lifestyles! That is my favorite thing to do and it is what motivates me every day. I love seeing the health of pups improve due to inspiring that healthy lifestyle that we strive for!"
Abygael A., Assistant Retail Manager


Looking to join our pack? Find a career working with pets while doing what you love! We strive to create a fun, communicative and engaging work environment. Sound like a good fit for you? Check out our open positions!

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  • Looking good Vicky, Glad to see you get out and about.
    You’re always there for my little Bunny Divine……..she just loves coming and seeing you and her other favorites! Thanks for all you hard work and being your happy self.

    Liz and Jeff Wack

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