Rawnivore Photo Contest

Rawnivore Photo Contest

Jun 29, 2017Joseph Hotter

Join The Rawnivore Tribe!

We are Rawnivores! We are a community within Healthy Spot dedicated to feeding our pets the best and most natural foods. Here at Healthy Spot, we've always believed that pets are family, which is why ever since we opened, we've been advocates of the Raw diet - it's the healthiest option for dogs and cats alike.

This month we are celebrating all of our Rawnivores by hosting a fun photo contest to highlight our tribe members on social media! We want to show the world what a Rawnivore looks like, so why not start with our very own customers? 



Post It!

Head to our Instagram (@healthyspot) or Facebook and post a picture of your pet who eats raw.

Caption It!

Let us know your pet's name, breed, and what raw food he/she eats.


Use #Rawnivore to enter.



Winners will receive a free bag of frozen raw and will be featured on future Rawnivore marketing materials! Winners who are not local to Los Angeles or Orange County will be sent a bag of freeze-dried raw food. 

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  • How do I enter? My two greyhounds LOVE eating raw, healthy food!

    Aeoleone A Bristow

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