Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth with K9 Grillz Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning

Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth with K9 Grillz Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning

Jul 27, 2017Joseph Hotter

When it comes to your pet’s well-being, their dental health is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats have signs of oral disease by age 3. That’s why we’ve partnered with K9 Grillz, a leader in the field of anesthesia free dental cleaning, to offer safer, smarter, on-site pet dental health. It’s also more affordable than traditional anesthetic dental cleaning. Founded by Dr. Christopher Thomas, DVM, K9 Grillz provides thorough cleaning services, as well as preventative dental care education, all supervised by a licensed veterinarian. You can make an appointment at any Healthy Spot Location. 




Anesthetic Cleanings When Necessary

Dr. Thomas believes that anesthetic teeth cleaning should only be used when absolutely necessary, and in most cases it is unnecessary. Anesthetic dental cleaning is much more expensive than the services offered by K9 Grillz and there are some health risks associated with anesthesia. K9 Grillz will do a complete physical and oral examination, and will refer you back to your veterinarian for anesthetic cleaning if they do find significant dental issues.




Oral Health Is Important

Oral health care is extremely important to your dog's health. Poor dental health can lead to systemic disease and issues that result from toxins found in gum infections which are absorbed into the dog's blood stream. As the kidneys, liver, and brain filter the blood, small infections occur causing permanent, and at times fatal, organ damage. When an animal has a constant low-grade infection/gingivitis in its mouth, its immune system is weakened as it has to always fight this chronic condition.




A Calm Environment

K9 Grillz non-anesthetic teeth cleaning involves relaxing your pet in a calm environment, use of safe, state-of-the-art tools such as the ultrasonic scaler and mechanical polisher. Gentle towel-wrapping and adequate lighting aid the licensed staff in the removal of plaque and tartar build-up. They’re also able to detect dental issues that require anesthetic intervention and actually can often provide owners with photographic or video images of the affected areas. Once these issues are addressed properly, K9 Grillz can work with you on preventative care for a lifetime and keep your pets from having to undergo anesthesia for dental issues in the future.



Call your local Healthy Spot today and make an appointment. 

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  • No. At this time in veterinary medicine, patients most go under general anesthesia to obtain appropriate radiographic dental images. However Dr Thomas is currently working with others to figure out a system that might work without it. He is also opening at least one brick and mortar location in 2018 that will provide a full complement of anesthetized dentistry including radiology.

    Currently any and all animals that he sees and then determines require immediate anesthetic intervention, the clients are instructed to pursue treatment at a facility that has dental radiology capabilities. Unfortunately, roughly only 40-45% of general veterinary practices offer that service.

    Healthy Spot
  • Does he take X-rays?


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