Start Feeding A Raw Diet And Join The Rawnivore Tribe!

Start Feeding A Raw Diet And Join The Rawnivore Tribe!

May 30, 2017Joseph Hotter

Join Our Rawnivore Tribe

Introducing the Rawnivore Tribe! We are a community within Healthy Spot dedicated to feeding our pets the best and most natural foods. Here at Healthy Spot, we've always believed that pets are family, which is why ever since we opened, we've been advocates of the Raw Diet - the healthiest option for dogs and cats alike.



Improved Digestion

Dogs and Cats have short digestive systems compared to larger animals, which limits their ability to consume grains and fibrous plant-based foods. An animal-protein-based raw diet doesn’t have these hard to digest ingredients, so your pet is able to absorb and utilize more of the food they consume. Want to learn more? Check out the 3 Myths About Raw Dog Food!



Try Going Raw For Free!

Healthy Spot was founded because of the lack of readily available healthy pet food. We’ve seen raw food change lives, not just for pets but for pet owners who struggled for years to find the right diet for their furry family members. We believe in a raw diet so much that we want you to try it for free! Ask any of our store associates about raw food and get a sample to take home. Find the nearest Healthy Spot near you and start the Rawnivore journey today!



Discover. Feed. Evolve.

Every month, Healthy Spot will bring you the latest and greatest in the raw food community. Stop by in store or on our social media platforms to see what Rawnivore Tribe community initiatives we’re fostering! We’re endlessly working to satisfy your pet’s mind, body, and bowl.



Watch. Digest. Evolve.

The Rawnivore Tribe is here to support you through your raw pet food journey! Check out our Rawnivore posts on Spot's Corner, Facebook, and Instagram that feature tips, tricks, and photos on raw feeding. Always feel welcome to ask your questions on social media or in the comment section of our blog!



Join the #Rawnivore Tribe on Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@healthyspot) and snapchat ( to share your raw experience using #Rawnivore. Keep a look out for our #Rawnivore posts for a chance to win prizes and connect with other pet parents who feed their pets a raw diet in the Healthy Spot community. 



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