Fourth Of July Grooming Package

Fourth Of July Grooming Package

Jun 29, 2017Joseph Hotter

Make sure your pup looks fresh and pawtriotic with our Fourth of July Grooming Package! Add this package to our Signature Spa Treatment for a Rub Dub Oats Scrub that’ll leave your pet’s coat shiny and healthy. Plus, teeth brushing, nail grinding, and a festive patriotic bandanna for some Fourth of July flair! Our classically trained, award-winning grooming staff can give your pup any look you can think of, just in time for fireworks and BBQ! Book your next appointment at any of our Los Angeles grooming and Orange County grooming salons. 



Rub Dub Oats Scrub

Included in our 4th of July Grooming Package is our Rub Dub Oat Scrub. This scrub offers many benefits to your pet. Oatmeal nourishes, soothes, and moisturizes skin and relieves itches. It also can relieve irritations caused by heat and allergic reactions and helps to balances pH levels. It’s also shown to be effective in fighting off tick and flea problems. With summer in full swing biting pests can quickly become an uncomfortable problem for your pup.



The Finishing Touches

After a fresh scrub we’ll brush your dog’s teeth which helps prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. It also helps keep gum and teeth healthy, not to mention keeping dreaded dog breath at bay. Once your pup's smile is sparkling like fireworks we’ll give them a pawdicure to make sure their paws are ready for fun during the holiday weekend. Regular nail grinding also helps prevent joint pain in your dog’s feet and allows for proper weight distribution when walking which helps prevent injuries and corrects posture.



Healthy Spot Grooming

Ask our grooming team about our Fourth of July Grooming Package! We’ll make sure your pup looks amazing from nose-to-tail while enjoying all the Fourth of July festivities! If you're interested in scheduling an appointment at any of our Orange County or Los Angeles grooming salons, you can request a quote here. 

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