Lead Found in Blue Buffalo Food

Lead Found in Blue Buffalo Food

Oct 07, 2017Emily Wallace

Blue Buffalo is involved in a class action lawsuit regarding the contamination of lead in some of their products. This lawsuit alleges that Blue Buffalo knew about the unsafe levels of lead in their food, but disregarded the issue and continued to sell contaminated products. Lead is a classified carcinogen, meaning that it can potentially lead to cancer. It is also linked to chronic poisoning, development and reproductive disorders, and injuries to the nervous system. Lead can build up in dogs’ bodies and as it accumulates over time, dogs can become sick.



Some Blue Buffalo’s foods were found to have extremely unsafe levels of lead. As a basis of comparison, the acceptable levels of lead in a human bottle of water is 5ppb (parts per billion). 

  • Blue Freedom Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs 140ppb

  • Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs - 200ppb

  • Blue Basics Grain-Free Turkey & Potato Recipe for Adult Dogs - 840 ppb

Healthy Spot believes this is unacceptable and that our pets deserve better.  As Co-Founder Andrew Kim puts it, “We believe in Profits with Principles. Even though it would be easier to carry the fastest growing and popular pet foods that have commercials and advertisements running everywhere, we are committed to inspiring healthy pet lifestyles.”
Read the full article about this lawsuit here. As more information becomes available, we plan to share it with you.

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  • We had a Golden Retriever who had a skin allergy that stemmed from gluten so we fed her Blue Buffalo Grain Free. She ultimately was diagnosed with anemia and was so weak she couldn’t get up after putting her rear down to use the bathroom. We had to carry her to the vet to get put down. I have heard from multiple credible and knowledgeable people, plus this website, about the shady additives the Blue Buffalo contains, specifically lead. Don’t buy their food or feed it to your pets. Ever. Watching my dog be too weak to walk and literally be so tired that she would sleep all day, barely eat, and struggle to use the bathroom is something no one else should ever have to endure.

  • I feed to my cats..Is the cat food safe???

  • I am trying to find out if it is only the dog food. I feed my older cat Blue Wilderness chicken. Can someone tell me if I should be worried??

    Margaret Quick
  • I’ve been feeding my little Papillon Chihuahua Blue Buffalo for a few years and she loves it Stevie I want to know if this brand is in the lawsuit because of so I’m going to have to change I gave her the life protected formula with life Source bites small breed adult chicken and brown rice recipe is that one of them I hope not because she loves this and I’ve been given to her for over 2 years probably 3 does my little girl in danger if she keeps eating this someone let me know ASAP so I know

    Joan Moss
  • I have been feeding my mini dachshund blue for about 1year. I am heart broken to think I was feeding him the best only to find out I might be poisoning him. I am going to give him a different dry food and probably canned food!

    Dorothy Brainard
  • None of this has been proven and I do not believe this should be circulating on the internet until a lab report is available.
    I find it disturbing that people spread unfounded information like this.

    Kris Lyle
  • It’s beyond my comprehension that we’ve paid a fortune for poison promised as health. Our pets are family, they rely on us to feed, protect, and care for them. I just can’t even handle the idea that I thought I was buying good quality food for my pets and its killing them.

    Melissa King
  • Does anyone know if this has been addressed? Sued? Stopped? My in-laws, my parents, and I all feed the turkey! The worst! I’m so worried. Any news at all?

    Melissa King
  • Now what to feed

  • Been feeding our corgi BB since birth. At 7 mos old, he is in the hospital to get his stomach opened up due to ileus causing a complete failure of his GI. $3k spent and to watch our little guy suffer like this.
    Infuriated such an awful company will poison our pets like this. Blue Buffalo needs to be shut down!

    S Thomas

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