Popular Halloween Dog Costumes

Popular Halloween Dog Costumes

Sep 29, 2017Joseph Hotter

Show your pet’s Howl-O-Ween spirit with this season’s favorite dog costumes! This month only, we’re switching it up and adding a wide selection of the latest trends in costumes, making it a breeze to find exactly what you’re looking for. From classic costumes, to more every day seasonal wear, we have the perfect outfit for your pet’s lifestyle. Pick up Halloween costumes and toys at your local Healthy Spot today!


Rubie’s Unicorn



Let your pup light up the night with a little magic! Dress them up as a mythical creature with Rubie’s Unicorn costume. This costume includes a cape and headpiece, attached to a stylish hot pink collar for ultimate comfort. Speckled with rainbow-like fur and a horn lavishly decorated in gold glitter, this ensemble is sure to give your pet an enchanting, out-of-this-world look.


Rubie’s Pizza Slice



Grab a slice of your pet in our cheesiest costume option. Let your PUPeroni in on some fun this Howl-O-Ween with Rubie’s Pizza Slice costume! This costume features a pizza slice topped with popular goodies such as pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olives! Attached to a jumpsuit, this costume keeps your pet comfortable, relaxed, and unbothered for hours at a time!


Rubie’s Wonder Woman



Empower your pup for being the super pet they are! Give them the power of strength and cuteness with Rubie’s Wonder Woman costume. With this super hero’s film being one of the top picks this year, this is a great choice for trendy pups who enjoy being the star of the show. This costume includes Wonder Woman’s classic costume and statement headpiece, in a light-weight version, great for pets to take on the dog park comfortably. This way, your dog can save the world all night long!


The Worthy Dog Shark Sweater



Jaws? More like Paws! Turn your pet into one of the scariest predators out there with The Worthy Dog Shark Sweater. This double-knit sweater features sharks’ key characteristics in their cutest form yet – black eyes, a fin, and hauntingly sharp teeth made from fleece and other soft materials. This sweater has a button hole in the back to easily snap on a leash, making it easy and convenient for any occasion. Whether your furry friend needs a costume or something comfy to keep warm this chilly season, this sweater’s versatility is perfect for any occasion.


The Worthy Dog Lion Sweater



Release your pet’s wild side! Let your pup feel like the king (or queen!) of the jungle with The Worthy Dog’s Lion Sweater. This sweater is a tan and brown one piece with a button hole in the back, as well as an attached hoodie. The hoodie is complete with a mane, alert ears, black eyes, and a pink nose, all made out of soft materials. This way, your pup will look fierce, while staying comfortable and cozy all season long.


Bonus Items! P.L.A.Y Halloween Tote



Keep it light and stylish down to your pup’s Halloween bag! P.L.A.Y.’s Pumpkin tote is excellent for dogs who will be out celebrating the spirit of Halloween all season long. Unlike the larger size of classic Halloween buckets, this smaller, felt fabric tote is perfect for pets to carry. Simply latch it on their collar and have them collect every delicious treat from the block!  


Wooly Wonkz Dracula and Skeleton Ball



The time of tricks, treats, and play is upon us! Get your pup in the Howl-O-Ween spirit with Woolly Wonkz balls! These eco-friendly toys handcrafted in Nepal are safe, yet stylish for the fall season. With spooky designs, such as Dracula and Skeleton, these are sure to make your pet this season’s envy of the dog park.

Let your pup be the center of attention everywhere you go this season - whether that be with dog costumes, sweaters, or even toys! These conversation starters are sure to make you and your pup a new friend, or two, in no time. Get your paws on these limited items, in-stores now!

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