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Oct 07, 2017
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Lead Found in Blue Buffalo Food

Oct 07, 2017

Blue Buffalo is involved in a class action lawsuit regarding the contamination of lead in some of their products. This lawsuit alleges that Blue Buffalo knew about the unsafe levels of lead in their food, but disregarded the issue and continued to sell contaminated products. Lead is a classified carcinogen, meaning that it can potentially lead to cancer. It is also linked to chronic poisoning, development and reproductive disorders, and injuries to the nervous system. Lead can build up in dogs’ bodies and as it accumulates over time, dogs can become sick.



Some Blue Buffalo’s foods were found to have extremely unsafe levels of lead. As a basis of comparison, the acceptable levels of lead in a human bottle of water is 5ppb (parts per billion). 

  • Blue Freedom Grain-Free Chicken Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs 140ppb

  • Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs - 200ppb

  • Blue Basics Grain-Free Turkey & Potato Recipe for Adult Dogs - 840 ppb

Healthy Spot believes this is unacceptable and that our pets deserve better.  As Co-Founder Andrew Kim puts it, “We believe in Profits with Principles. Even though it would be easier to carry the fastest growing and popular pet foods that have commercials and advertisements running everywhere, we are committed to inspiring healthy pet lifestyles.”
Read the full article about this lawsuit here. As more information becomes available, we plan to share it with you.
Comments (26)


Posted on October 07, 2017 By Gloria Luera

I give Blue to my dogs and if this is true I will change dry food. It infuriates me that they are poisoning our babies!!

Posted on October 07, 2017 By Jan Collar

We feed our dog the bison Blue Buffalo dry. Is this one safe or is it in ALL there food?

Posted on October 07, 2017 By Lynne Holswade

My 3 year old has been on Blue Freedom Chicken since he was old enough. He suffers from seizures… could this be related?

Posted on October 07, 2017 By Linda Rodriguez

I want to stay informed. Thanks!

Posted on October 07, 2017 By Donald L Schuster

Your article is half-truthin that whomever write the article cannot distinguish the difference in human or animal diagnosis. Author should retract the portion of the article related to being a carcingen

Posted on October 07, 2017 By Veronica Cirami

To the above poster:
Why would you continue to support a company that knowingly is poisoning dogs???