Your Pup's New Year's Resolutions

Your Pup's New Year's Resolutions

Dec 27, 2019Jamie Shindler

It’s officially 2020! Gym memberships have sky rocketed, the produce section is sold out and everyone is working harder in their jobs. It’s almost human nature to set New Year’s resolutions for yourself, whether they’re in your head or stuffed in your wallet on a small piece of paper. Well, your pup wants to join in and make their own goals! Sadly, they don’t have opposable thumbs, so we’re here to help.


Here are your dog’s New Year’s resolutions in 2020.

 1- Don’t squirm at the groomers

I know that my groomer is just trying to make my fur soft and healthy, but I just get so excited about the attention! I may get a little nervous at first, but after all the love, pets and walks my groomer gives me, I know I’m okay here. Last time I went in, I got a Japanese groom and looked like a teddy bear. It was so fun to get all the attention when I was taken on my morning walk.

2- Don’t run into the mud after my grooming appointment

While this has only happened most of the time, it seems to upset my human. I don’t really get it, because I love to be dirty, and my groomer seems happy every time I get brought in! But this resolution is made to avoid that look my human gives me once I run through the house with muddy paws. It’s a cool design on the carpets though.

3- Be patient with the treatos

My human doesn’t like it when I find the chicken treats in the back of the cabinet because I eat the whole bag and get full for dinner. It’s probably because I went to Tully’s Training last year and learned some neat tricks to show off, but I only get the chicken treats when I do them correctly. I’ll be more patient and a good pup this year.

4- Keep my toys in tact

My human comes home with a new toy every week that’s so plushy and colorful (so I have been told). I’m going to try my best in 2020 to not tear them into pieces within the first hour. I’ll control my teeth and chomp lightly instead of ripping it to pieces by pulling it with my paws. I think my mom has been catching on and only getting me Ruffwear toys. They’re impawsible to break.

5- Keep my cool at Healthy Spot Yappy Hours

The second I walk into Healthy Spot, I get too excited. My mom gets a little embarrassed because I pull my leash and run to go greet people. I am making it a goal to only run around in the daycare room, and not in the food section. This will be a harder goal to keep because I get too excited to see my fur-iends.

 6- Make new fur-iends at daycare

I think I’m a little exclusive with my friend group at daycare. Me, Buddy, Spot and Olive all play with each other all the time because we’re always taken on our walks together, but there are so many other furry friends to meet! Everyone is so nice, I’m going to try to broaden my friend group this year.

7- Get a summer bod

Because I keep sneaking around and finding those chicken treats, I think I’ve put on a few pounds. That flannel shirt my human got me is a little snug compared to when we tried it on at Healthy Spot a few months ago. Summer is approaching, and I know that Healthy Spot is going to have so many cute options, so I’m going to try to run around more and not steal so many treats so I look my absolute best in the apparel my mom gets me!

8- Give my human more attention

I think that I don’t pay enough attention to my human. I’m only with her for the entire day when I don’t go to daycare, which just isn’t enough. I’m going to try to bring her more toys as a present, and give her many more licks. I know she loves me more than anything in the world, and she deserves all the kisses I can give!


I can’t wait to make my human proud this year!


Does your pup have any resolutions of their own? Share them in the comments below!

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