Ways To Pamper Your Pup

Ways To Pamper Your Pup

Feb 28, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

Go ahead and offer extra love today! From something as simple as rubbing their paws to making them a special treat, it’s guaranteed to bring you and your furry friend closer together. These activities are easy, loving, and bonding for you and your pup!

Rub Their Paws




It’s as easy as that! Your pup walks, trots, jumps, and runs all day, putting a lot of stress on their paws. This can cause cracked, sore, or even bloody paws from all that activity. It can be worse if you live in extreme temperatures -  ice and snow can chap and crack paws, while hot asphalt from the summer sun can burn and cause blisters. Even though their paws are protected with pads that provide extra cushion from such harsh climates, too much exposure over time can start hurting and discourage those long walks they used to love.

Show your pup affection when they’ve finally settled down. Release any stress they carry in their paws by rubbing and massaging those resilient little feet. Giving a deep massage can help relieve and promote circulation, as well as help you clean in between their pads. Start off by gently rubbing the central pad and then moving to each toe to give each one the same amount of attention. Show them a little more TLC by adding moisturizer to help with dryness and cracks. As it works with humans, coconut oil works wonders for pets too. Try our Cocotherapy coconut oil, found in store, to relieve paws that are itchy, flaky, dry, cracked, or even have hot spots. Give Canna Care by Pet Releaf a try if they have irritation, inflammation, insect bites, or anything that could have triggered discomfort during their walks. Get them back to those soft puppy paws they once had!

Take Them To Their Favorite Place




Is there a place your pet whines and goes crazy for? Make their day by taking them there! Whether it’s the park, beach, or even our Small Dog Daycare, plan an entire day for them where they can hang out at their favorite place until they are ready to go home. You’ll know they had a great day when they make that silly face with their tongue hanging out! Do it for those excited whines and endless spins when they see their favorite spot. This positive energy is sure to rub onto you and make it one of your favorite places to stop by too!

Get Them A Doggy Massage




Nothing is more relaxing than a massage. Spoil your pup with one, whether you do it yourself or take them to a professional. Doggy massages can be used to relax them after a long day, help anxiety or nervous disorders, provide relief to arthritis, and help heal muscles and bones. Certified canine massage therapist Gene Rukavina uses massage techniques such as kneading their muscles, rolling their skin, stretching their legs, and rubbing their ears, something you can do at home too. Massaging is known to release toxins from muscles and other tissues, helping your pet with any pain or discomfort they may have. It’ll also reduce stress, anxiety, and even pain from an injury. The next time you’re hanging out with your pup, help them feel their best with a massage!

Teach Them A New Trick!




Sit, stay, speak! If you’ve ever wanted to teach your pup a new trick, today is the day! This helps them receive mental exercise, while the both of you form a stronger bond together. Pets are eager to please and excited to show what they can do. Give them that possibility with a way to show off to you! Some great trick ideas include teaching them how to kiss, roll over, play dead, sit pretty, or even hug! Having them learn something new also improves obedience and manners as they comprehend more from your tone, words, and even phrases you use. Need help training your pet? Our partner, Tully’s Training, offers obedience courses, where they believe teaching should be a gentle, patient activity between human and canine that’s sure to bring you two closer together.

Make Them A Special Treat




Food is the way to many dogs’ hearts! If that’s the case with your pet, combine their favorite ingredients together to create a special meal or treat made just for them. Need ideas on what to make? You can check out our recipe videos on our YouTube channel and cook along with us! Combine pet favorites like Primal’s Raw Goat Milk, peanut butter, Grandma Lucy’s, and Healthy Spot Freeze Dried Treats to create cupcakes, pies, and more. Don’t forget to let your furry friend lick the spoon!

Everyone loves to be pampered, including our pets! Keep a spring in their step by showing them a little extra love once in a while, whether it’s with an unexpected trip to their favorite place, a homemade treat, or anything else your pup wags their tail to. Looking for more? Check out our ‘Pamper Your Pup’ grooming add on service with our groomers, as well as our Yappy Hours where our grooming team will demonstrate do’s and don’ts of how to brush out your pet’s fur. For more information, call your local Healthy Spot today!  

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