March Promotions

March Promotions

Feb 28, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

Pamper your pet this month with our March promotions! We’re offering delicious food and special treats that are sure to keep your pet begging (or purring) for more. From The Honest Kitchen, to Healthy Spot, to Weruva, our wide variety is perfect to indulge both dogs and cats.

The Honest Kitchen – One free bag of Spot On Bone Broth with a purchase of a box of The Honest Kitchen




Even with hundreds of pet food options out there, The Honest Kitchen remains a pet favorite. Why is that? Their food is all natural, 100% human grade, minimally processed, and all you have to do is add water! This month, when you buy your pet’s Embark, Force, Love, Spruce, or our newly added recipe Hope, receive a free bag of Spot On Bone Broth. Here’s an idea – excite your pup by adding bone broth to their meal instead of water for an extra savory treat. Spot On Bone Broth is simmered for 24 hours with natural ingredients that compliments The Honest Kitchen pawfectly. Give it a try today!

3lb bags and up only. Valid in-store only while supplies last.

Healthy Spot Bone Broth - Special price of $8.95 (original price is $9.95)




One of the best ways to continuously pamper your pet is by providing them healthy (but still delicious!) choices. Spot On Bone Broth can be given alone as a special treat, or added to their daily meals for that extra kick of deliciousness. What makes Spot On Bone Broth the perfect piece of indulgence is its versatility and its wonderful benefits that’s sure to soothe and relax your furry love.

It is made from all-natural ingredients such as 100% pasture-raised beef or chicken, organic veggies, and apple cider vinegar. This ensures your pup is receiving wholesome nutrients that are sure to put a spring in their step. Spot On Bone Broth also contains collagen and gelatin, great for joint lubrication and strength, skin elasticity, eye health, inflammation, repairing gut lining, and providing an excellent environment for healthy bacteria to thrive. This is ideal for older pets who suffer from joint pain or sensitive skin issues. Make them feel like a puppy again with this special treat! Whether your pup is feeling down due to tummy issues or they simply need a pick-me-up, comfort them with Spot On Bone Broth!

Valid in-store only while supplies last.

All Weruva Cans - Buy 3 Get 1 can free




Known as the people food for pets, Weruva is a luxurious, natural pet food. Pamper your furry friend this month with grain-free and high-moisture greatness you can find in every can! This brand keeps it safe by keeping it simple, and we agree. By simply feeding your pet the diet they were born to eat, you’re showing them tons of extra love. Haven’t fed Weruva before? They offer a wide variety of meats your pet will fall in love with. Stock up on Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Truluxe Pretty in Pink, Truluxe Mediterranean Harvest, and more for your pet to choose from! This brand caters to both dogs and cats, bringing nutrition and high-quality protein in every bite.

Free item must be equal or lesser value. Valid in-store only while supplies last.

This month, we’re all about pampering your pet! Whether it’s something extravagant or as small as offering them a new treat, we’re sure your pet will love it. Surprise them on a day they’re feeling down with a new meal or treat that’s sure to brighten up their mood and leave their tail wagging!

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  • Hi currently my dog has chronic pancreatitis and sometimes has gastrointestinal issues right now she is on Royal Canaan low-fat gastrointestinal food I do not really like the ingredients in this food and I wanted to know if this brand would help my dog and if it would be OK to give her being she does have pancreatitis issues I would appreciate if you could get back to me soon as I am almost out of this other food I wanted to try this thank you so much

    Terry cilio

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