Our Steps Forward

Our Steps Forward

Jun 09, 2020Emily Wallace

Over the past week, we took time to evaluate how we can continue to support our community and the Black Lives Matter movement in both the short and long term. As a small business still managing through the efforts of COVID-19, we wanted to ensure that the steps forward would benefit both the communities that needed additional support, as well as ensuring our team members were provided the resources needed to take action. As a company, we have always valued diversity and we would like to assure you that these will not be our last steps in a journey towards equality.

Join us in supporting Black Girls Code and the Los Angeles LGBT Center

This month, we're supporting the LGBT community as planned, and we're extending our efforts to include boosting educational resources in the Black community. Both of these amazing organizations are dedicated to providing resources for underserved communities. We are grateful for their work and honored to support their efforts with a donation to both of their organizations. If you are able to join us, feel free to click on either of the links below to make a donation. 

Support Black Girls Code Here

Support Los Angeles LGBT Center Here

Changes to our June Woof From Home Virtual Event Series

To ensure that the movement messages remain a priority in your Instagram feed, we will be canceling all of our Instagram Live WFH Events this month. We will pre-record all of the remaining events and make them available on our IGTV and YouTube towards the end of June so you can watch them at your leisure. If you enjoy any of the videos we share, we will provide a donation link to both the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Black Girls Code in our IG bio to further support these organizations. 

Supporting Our Community

We recognize that this movement towards change relies on the individual efforts of all of our team members, so we are providing them with dedicated time to take their own steps towards driving change in areas of social justice and equality that they are passionate about.

We know there is a lot of work to be done, and even though we will be resuming our pet-related messages, know that we will continue to work behind the scenes to support our community, the Black Lives Matter movement and the pursuit of equality. 

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