12 Things You Didn’t Know About Healthy Spot

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Healthy Spot

May 01, 2020Emily Wallace

It’s been 12 years since our co-founders, Andrew and Mark, set out on a mission to inspire healthy pet lifestyles and we are so grateful to have an amazing community of pets and pet lovers who believe in us. To honor this milestone, we're sharing a behind-the-scenes look at our company. From our humble beginnings to our quirky office culture, you’re sure to learn something new about us!

1. Our original logo was blue with a paw print inside of the "o" in "Spot"! Andrew and Mark later decided to change the color to our iconic Healthy Spot green with our Spot the dog silhouette. Here is one of the old versions of the logo after the color changed to green:

2. As of Dec 2020, we’ve helped donate over $365k to local rescues since we opened our doors. 

3. Prior to launching Healthy Spot, in an effort to better understand the pet industry, Mark worked at a pet treat bakery and Andrew trained to be a dog groomer.

4. The conference rooms at our headquarters are named after Mark’s and Andrew’s late pups - Biscuit and Lucky!

5. We have a bell at our headquarters that we ring when we have office announcements. It is much louder than we expected and makes everyone jump when we ring it.

6. Our groomers have won more than 100 awards in some of the top national and international grooming competitions. 

Want to check out what all the hype is about? Learn more about our Grooming Salon here!

7. Having a dog-friendly office isn’t always smooth sailing. We once had a pup pee inside of our Director of Brand Marketing’s shoes...twice in the same month!

8. Our first private label product that we introduced to our customers was our bully sticks. Since then, we’ve expanded our collection to include packaged treats, toys and salon products!

9. We have created over 50 different t-shirts designs for our community events throughout the years! Here’s a photo of one of our Rawnivore shirts! 

10. You can catch a glimpse of our stores in episodes of the following shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Private Practice, Insecure, Basketball Wives and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We’ve also been featured in two Netflix documentaries - Dogs (Episode 4 - Scissors Down) and Pet Fooled.

11. Every year, our team at headquarters does a Fantasy Football league. The winner gets tickets to a football game and the loser has to paint their face like an animal. You might have seen one of our team members on our IG story a few years ago with her face painted like a pup!

12. One of our groomers, Cameron Adkins, is in a rock band that has toured around China!

We hope some of these facts brought a smile to your face and shed light on what happens behind-the-scenes at Healthy Spot. Thanks for being a part of our journey for the past 12 years - we can’t wait to create even more memories with you!

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  • love healthyspot!

    Judy Lee
  • Love this!

    Christine Bae
  • I should not be allowed inside healthy spot… I just want to buy EVERYTHING for my fur baby :)

    Brittney Besaw
  • love the store

    aris s
  • I love Healthy Spot! I have a Frenchie who has been going to daycare since he was a puppy and everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic. Thank you@!

    Jana Augsberger
  • Love healthyspot!

    Sarah Parnagian
  • thats my adopted Ziggy, the little black chihuahua mix in the picture with the white pitbull! hes famous🥰

    Amy Demacena
  • Love how you’ve contributed to the rescue of animals over the years. it really adds up!

    Victoria Gustafson
  • Healthy spot is my one favorite store to get my pup his food. Always know what’s best for my dog and that’s what I love

    Luis Valiente
  • We Love our Los Feliz location!!

    Meghan Dawson

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