Meet Nulo, Our Newest Pet Food Partner!

Meet Nulo, Our Newest Pet Food Partner!

Jul 31, 2020Candice Maniga

At Healthy Spot, we pride ourselves in offering high quality, wholesome and nutritious foods and treats for your pet. We not only do the homework for our customers on the brands we carry, but it's also important to us that we offer a wide assortment of pet food that suits the needs of all types of dogs and cats. This month, we are excited to expand this assortment to include Nulo food and treats. The name Nulo is a combination of “nutrition” and “love,” which is what Nulo is all about. Known for their recipes that are rich in animal-based protein and viable probiotics, and low in carbs and glycemic ingredients, their foods and treats will unlock a new peak athlete in your pets.

Nulo Collection on Healthy Spot

Michael Landa, a former biomedical engineer, founded Nulo in 2010, alongside his English black Labrador, Max. Michael considered everyday choices made on behalf of pets and reevaluated them, striving to achieve a #HealthierTogether lifestyle for our four-legged families. 

We now carry two Nulo lines in our stores and online: Nulo Frontrunner and Nulo FreeStyle.

Frontrunner: Be prepared to see your dog lead the pack with this high-meat kibble infused with ancient grains. Nulo Frontrunner is designed to improve your dog’s heart health and lean muscle mass while providing digestive support and long-lasting immune health.

FreeStyle: Whether your cat or dog has some sensitivities or prefers the simple recipes in life, Nulo FreeStyle will unveil their inner strengths. These recipes are grain-free and limited in ingredients while still delivering a powerful combination of high-meat proteins and health benefits. You can find Nulo FreeStyle kibble, treats, toppers and canned wet foods perfect for dogs and cats at any stage in life.


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