January Promotions

January Promotions

Dec 29, 2017Joseph Hotter

What are your New Year Resolutions? If you ask your pet, we’re sure they’d say it’s to get their paws on our January Promotions! Keep your pet healthy and happy with frozen raw food, Healthy Spot treats, and toys designed for cats. Here’s to new beginnings – and yummy goodies!

$4 Off Primal Pronto, $3 Off 5.5 oz Primal Freeze Dried




Want your pet to start (or continue) on the path of ultimate nutrition? Go raw! Frozen raw is naturally what our pet’s bodies are designed to eat, making it the healthiest option. Whether you’d like to give it a try or simply stocking up for your Rawnivore, receive $4 Off Primal Pronto and $3 Off 5.5 oz Primal Freeze Dried! If you’ve never fed raw before, take our Fresh Start Food Quiz to find out what works for you and your pup! We’re sure they’ll fall in love! 

Valid in-store only while supplies last.


Healthy Spot Treats – Buy 2 Get 1 Free Healthy Spot Jerky and Freeze-Dried Treats




Stock up on our brand new Healthy Spot, Spot On, and Sanya treats including meats such as chicken, beef, lamb, and fish. We have it all, even for the pickiest pet! With every bite, your pet receives 100% natural, responsibly sourced ingredients without additives or hormones. They also come in a variety of sizes, great for different activities. New to these treats? Mix and match to see what you’re pet likes best!

Valid in-store only while supplies last. Third item must be equal or lesser value.


15% off All Cat Toys, Condos, and Shelters




There’s nothing more exciting than new toys! Your cat will love toys from Housecat Club, Snow Leopard Trust, and more. From traditional mice, to more modern and trendy designs such as pizzas and tacos, you’re guaranteed to find the best toys suited for both you and your cat’s lifestyle.

Valid in-store only while supplies last. 

Stop by your local Healthy Spot today and save with our January Promotions!

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