Metal Found In Wooly Wonkz Toys

Metal Found In Wooly Wonkz Toys

Dec 12, 2017Andrew Kim

On December 12, 2017, RC Pet issued a recall on their Wooly Wonkz dog and cat toys. Sharp metal pieces were found within the stuffing of a few toys, which can cause harm if chewed or digested by pets. Currently, neither RC Pets nor Healthy Spot has received any news of toys affecting pet health. However, as a precautionary measure, we urge all pet owners who have purchased these toys to remove them from their pet’s reach.




RC Pets has made the decision to recall and replace all affected toys, including customer purchases and products on store shelves. As of now, RC Pets believes that the sharp objects were unintentionally added during the manufacturing process. There is currently no evidence of product tampering. We will update this article as we receive more details. If your pet has been affected, please contact RC Pet directly here, or at

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