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Dec 28, 2017
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Fresh Start Food Quiz

Dec 28, 2017

Start the new year on the right paw! We’re excited you’ve taken our Fresh Start Quiz and are interested in changing previous habits for the better, down to your pet’s food. Based on the answers you chose, we matched you with an option that best fits your and your pet’s lifestyle. Learn more about your results below and make the change now!




Frozen Raw




Welcome to the Rawnivore Tribe! Based on your choice of health over convenience and your pet’s willingness to try new foods, we think it’s best to start the year by feeding raw. New to raw? We have an entire Rawnivore section on Spot’s Corner, excellent for beginners to make transitioning a breeze!

Feeding raw is the closest to our pet’s natural eating habits, therefore making it the easiest and healthiest to digest. Other great benefits include a softer and shinier coat, healthier weight, and less smelly breath and stool. We carry a variety of frozen raw for you to choose from, by different brands that share our mission to provide pets with healthy and nutritious meals. A couple of brands are smallbatch, Primal Pet Foods, Stella & Chewy’s, and K9 Natural. A Healthy Spot store associate can further assist you in choosing the perfect food for your pet, from size, price, down to vitamins and protein source.


Raw Alternative




You’re like the ocean – you go with the flow! Based on your answers, health and convenience are both just as important, making your best option raw alternative. This includes dehydrated options, such as freeze-dried and other gently processed foods. Dehydrating is the process of zapping out all the moisture out of foods, yet keeping the nutrients intact and available for your pet to consume. It’s essentially an easy way to feed raw, while still offering pets most of the nutrition they would receive with natural frozen raw food.

Starting from kibble? We carry great freeze-dried meal mixers from companies such as Stella & Chewy’s, perfect to sprinkle on your pet’s kibble for a smooth and comfortable transition. From there, you can begin offering your pet meals completely dehydrated. There is a variety of forms, such as sliders and nuggets, to “just add water” for soup-like consistencies. This is great for pets who are picky with texture - raw alternative is the most palatable of food options for your pet!  Ask your local Healthy Spot associate for free samples today!


Healthy Kibble




Like most people, you’re a busy individual. Based on your answers, you prefer feeding your pet something quick, easy to serve, and with a similar texture to what your pet already eats. While Healthy Spot was created to make raw food more accessible, we understand that this may not be possible for all pets. Rather than giving your pet a grain-heavy, low-protein kibble, provide them with kibble made from excellent ingredients that are minimally processed and ethically made.

We make it easy for you by carrying only the healthiest, most nutritious kibble. A brand we love for their humane and sustainable practices is Open Farm. Open Farm kibble contains no grain, corn, wheat, or soy with no artificial preservatives, flavoring, or animal by-products. Another great option is Orijen. Their kibble is made up of 85% poultry, fish, and egg ingredients, 15% fruits and vegetables, and 0% grain! It's ideal for pets and their biological needs. If you’d like to give your pal an extra treat, offer them Raw Blend by Stella & Chewy’s, a blend of high-protein baked kibble and freeze-dried raw pieces. Even if kibble is the right fit for you and your pet, you can always add in freeze-dried raw or even frozen raw as a topper or booster for additional nutrition. If you choose to feed kibble, make sure you’re feeding one that’s healthy, nutritious, and delicious!




We admire your decision in changing your pet’s health for the better! We are here to support you in any every aspect, from providing complete information, to recommending products based on your pet’s personal traits. Stop by your favorite Healthy Spot today, where our staff is waiting to answer all your questions!

Not an Los Angeles local? Leave your questions or comments below and we will do our best to help you pick the best food for you pet! 

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Posted on December 28, 2017 By Kristine

Winston gets the right food for his diet thanks to healthy spot!