Get To Know K9 Natural and Feline Natural!

Get To Know K9 Natural and Feline Natural!

Nov 25, 2020Candice Maniga

At Healthy Spot, we take pride in knowing the brands that we carry share in our commitment to keep pets healthy and happy. Spot's Co/Lab is our pack of innovative partners aligned with our mission of inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by providing unique and impactful experiences with our community. This month, we’re featuring K9 Natural and Feline Natural!

Meet K9 Natural and Feline Natural
For the past 14 years, the K9 Natural and Feline Natural  have worked to make pet food “as it should be: pure and simple.” Based out of New Zealand, they source high-quality, natural ingredients to create their recipes for both cats and dogs.

Ensuring they hit the mark for every pet with every recipe, K9 Natural and Feline Natural have an in-house nutritional team using world-leading nutritional research and data to find the perfect balance between fresh meats, vitamins, minerals and oils. So much care, research and quality goes into their foods. Take a look at any recipe for K9 Natural or Feline Natural foods and you’ll notice they’re free of grain, gluten, GMO, dairy, rice, potato and fillers.

Confessions Of A Healthy Spot Team Member
While our Healthy Spot community is dominated by dogs, we have the health of faithful feline fur-iends to watch out for in our customer community and Healthy Spot family. We spoke to our Merchandising Manager, Dallas Dunn, to learn why Feline Natural was the purr-fect choice for her cats:

Why do you choose to feed your cats Feline Natural?

Dallas: I chose Feline Natural for my cats because I know I can get high-quality ingredients in both a dry and wet food, and my cats love their full range of proteins. I have four senior cats and it's very important to me that they are getting all of the nutrients they need in their dry food which they munch on throughout the day. I give them wet food in the morning and evening to make sure they're also getting enough hydration. 


What are your favorite Feline Natural products?

Dallas: My favorite products are the Feline Natural supplements including the Lamb Green Tripe Freeze-Dried Booster and the Lamb Green Tripe Hydration Booster.  I like to mix the freeze-dried booster into their regular dry food during the day because it's a great source of live prebiotics and probiotics. I also like to give them the hydration booster once a week just as another way to give them a hydration and nutrition boost!


Do you have any tips for other pet parents who want to use the same products for their pets, or a reason why certain products are the best for your pets?

Dallas: It's important to me that I can trust a brand to offer quality ingredients and enough variety so I'm able to rotate proteins as well as get dry and wet food, supplements and treats that I can be confident my cats will enjoy. My cats have always had dry food out during the day to eat from whenever they want. For many cats, this can cause weight issues but for whatever reason, I just lucked out and they don't overeat! If leaving the freeze-dried food out during the day isn't an option, it's still a great option to add to the canned food at mealtime. 


Feline Natural and K9 Natural foods and treats are available online or at your local Spot! Go natural and give your pet the nutrition they deserve with these brands! Unsure of what to try? Stop by your local Spot and talk to one of our nutrition specialists for guidance!



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