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Sep 01, 2020
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3 Benefits of Small Dog Daycare

Sep 01, 2020

Bringing your pup to dog daycare can have lots of benefits. Even though you may be working from home and spending more time with your pup, they may need extra stimulation and attention. Here are 3 of the major benefits of bringing your pup to our Small Dog Daycare:

Your pup can socialize

Dogs are social creatures, meaning that spending time with other dogs keeps them happy and healthy.

Your pup will be tuckered out

At Small Dog Daycare, your pup will have plenty of time and space to play with other dogs in our air-conditioned space. Play time not only exercises their bodies, but their minds too. If your pup is ready for a nap, they can snooze on one of the many premium dog beds we provide.

Your pup (and you!) will be safe

While we continue to practice social distancing, you can get your dog some activity time while you both stay safe. Our daycare rooms are sanitized throughout the day, ensuring that the space is clean for your fur baby.

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