3 Benefits of Small Dog Daycare

3 Benefits of Small Dog Daycare

Dec 09, 2020Reva Choi

Having a dog isn’t just like having a child - your dog IS your child! Just like human children, you want your dog to learn good behavior, be surrounded by great friends and have fun. However, you may not have as much time as you’d like to attend to your pup during business hours. That’s where our Small Dog Daycare comes in!

Bringing your pup to dog daycare can have many benefits for you and your dog, even when you’re home all day. Most dogs, especially the younger pups, aren’t cut out to hang around waiting patiently so their fun can begin. Whether you have a stacked schedule or you just want to get some extra errands done, Small Dog Daycare is the perfect solution to offer a break from pawrenting for a few hours.

What are the 3 biggest benefits of Small Dog Daycare? Safety, Socialization and Stimulation.


Our air-conditioned daycare rooms are sanitized routinely throughout each day, always ensuring that the space is clean and comfortable for your fur baby. Dogs in daycare are never left unattended, and they’re surrounded by dogs of a similar size (30lbs and under). Each dog permitted into Small Dog Daycare is up-to-date on their vaccines and has completed a first-day orientation to ensure they pose no threat to others and are compatible with the rest of the dogs in daycare. Our team also remains masked and socially distant with your safety in mind as we continue to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When you pick up your dog, you’ll be given a report card or recap of your pup’s day to keep informed on their activities!


Dogs are social animals, meaning that spending time with other dogs keeps them happy and healthy. Our Small Dog Daycare is a great place for your pup to make new fur-iends and learn how to properly interact with dogs they’re just meeting. In our daycare rooms, dogs are provided with toys and space to run and play with other pups, and under the observation of our team, are separated at the first instance of any issue. Our team members also have a variety of enrichment activities to help fuel the fun and keep your pup active and amused throughout their daycare time.


Our daycare provides an entertaining atmosphere for your dogs to utilize all of their daytime energy until it’s time to go home. Playtime not only exercises their bodies, but their minds too. If your pup is ready for a nap, they can snooze on one of the many premium dog beds we provide and resume play when they are ready. Select locations take pups out for walks or have activities like Reading Time and Bubble Play to keep your dog engaged. When it’s time for pickup, you’ll be taking home a tuckered out pup ready to cuddle and relax for the rest of the night.

These are just a few of the many benefits our Small Dog Daycare has to offer. Now it’s your turn to experience it to learn the rest!

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  • Can I get more information on the small dog daycare. My poodle is 13 lbs.

    Maggie Reyes

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