Spot's Howliday Gift Guide

Spot's Howliday Gift Guide

Nov 24, 2020Candice Maniga

‘Tis the season of cheer, gift-giving and quality time with loved ones - including pets! Whether you’re reminiscing over all of your pet’s nice moments that deserve to be rewarded or celebrating your cat or dog’s first Christmas or Hanukkah, we’re making it easier for you to figure out what to gift your pet and any fur-iends you know! To shop our full gift guide collection, click here. Below, check out our pawfect picks for the dogs, cats and pawrents in your life!

The Cheery Chewer

For those of you that need to keep your dog’s mouth busy while you run errands or wrap presents, these gifts are just what you’re looking for! Your fur baby won’t even think about chewing mom’s new rug when they’ve got these selections to nibble on!


  • MIND BODY BOWL Bully Yak Chews: These chews have the best of both the bully sticks and yak chews your dog loves so much, plus they’re beneficial for healthy teeth!
  • Jax & Bones Holiday Rope Bone: Add some howliday cheer to your dog’s chewing with this seasonal rope toy! Plus, Jax & Bones donates 10% of the proceeds from these toys to rescue and animal welfare groups.
  • Non-Anesthetic Dental Appointment with K9 Grillz: It’s easy to keep your pet’s dental health a top priority when you have K9 Grillz check them out! Their non-anesthetic dental cleaning will have you fully informed about your pet’s oral care. Call your local Healthy Spot to book for your pup or cat!

The Holly, Jolly Pup

We all know a pup that just wants to play - whether it’s with the toys they have or whatever they can get their paws on. These recommendations are full of gifts that will hold any pup’s attention and keep them from playing with your belongings!




  • Hanukkah Dog Gift Bundle: This Hanukkah-themed bundle will have your dog spinning with excitement! In addition to a Zippy Paws Dreidel Burrow filled with bear-y cute toys, your pup is in for a taste of howliday dinner with our MIND BODY BOWL Turkey Jerky and MIND BODY BOWL Freeze-Dried Beef Liver dog treats! You can also interchange the toys with any other Zippy Paws minis you might have lying around your house, so your pup won’t get bored of what they find inside!

  • Christmas Tree Dog Gift Bundle: Add a challenge to the howliday play when your pup has to dig out the squeaky ornaments hiding in the Doglas Fur tree from the P.L.A.Y. Merry Woofmas collection! This festive burrow will keep your pup chewing on their own tree and ornaments instead of yours! As a bonus, the toy set is made of eco-friendly, machine-washable materials and designed to withstand play from the roughest of pups.

  • Zippy Paws Festive Friends Minis: These fun little toys are pawfect for entertaining smaller dogs all season long. Plus, these little squeakers are made of eco-friendly, durable materials and fit in other Zippy Paws Burrow toys.

The Festive Feline

Your cat could be 6 months or 8 years and will still always be your kitten. For the feline furbaby that stole your heart, check out these toys and treats to please the cat in your life.

  • Holiday Cat Gift Bundle:  From The Foggy Dog’s catnip-infused Gingerbread Man to the plethora of Nulo Purees and MIND BODY BOWL Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Treats, your cat will be convinced this is a gift from Santa Paws! They’ll love this toy/treats combination, and as an added bonus--the 100% natural wool of the Gingerbread Man will act as a natural floss! Pick up this bundle at a special price just for the holidays.
  • MIND BODY BOWL Lamb Liver Freeze-Dried Treats: These healthy treats from our exclusive line, MIND BODY BOWL, are pawfect for dogs and cats! They’re delicious and created with a single-ingredient, so it’s no surprise that these nutritious bites are a best-seller!

  • P.L.A.Y. Sassy Sushi Catnip Toy: With this set of sushi, your cat’s coolness will be undeniable! This toy comes with a refillable pouch once you’ve run out of catnip, and crinkly noise effects to keep your cat amused.

  • Nulo FreeStyle Puree Chicken & Salmon Cat Treat: These lickable treats are purr-fect for any cat: low-calorie, great for digestion and help keep our kitties hydrated! Even better, they’re a breeze to serve directly out of the packet or as a topper to any cat’s meal!

  • Sweet Pickles Red Cat Bowtie: Just because your cat's got their grooming covered, doesn't mean you can't help them look their furry best this season! Gift your feline furiend with some howliday style when you pop this radiant, handcrafted bowtie onto their collar.

The Merry New Pawrents

Pawrenting can be a handful, so it’s nice to get a useful and thoughtful gift from a seasoned pet parent to help make things a little easier! The practical use your new pet-owning friends will get out of these gifts is the true present!


  • MIND BODY BOWL CHOMPIES Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats: Stuff your pet’s stocking with this sweet surprise and your dog will howl with happiness! Break them up into smaller pieces to use for training or give a whole treat for a midday snack.

  • Signature Spa Package: Show your appreciation for your friends-turned-pawrents by treating their dog to our Signature Spa package! Their pup will be treated to a shampoo, conditioning, massage treatment, a moisturizing paw rub, a blueberry facial and more! Step up their spa day with our special grooming enhancement of the month, which includes our Signature Spa Enhance Conditioning Spray and howliday-themed jingle collar or bandana while supplies last! Call your local Healthy Spot to book!

  • Healthy Spot Signature Spa Line: For the friends that can’t make it in for a groom, gift an at-home version with our Signature Spa line! All of our shampoos are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your pet’s skin and coat. Spritz our Enhance Conditioning Spray on your pup after a day of play.
  • Healthy Spot Poop Bags - 8 Roll Unscented: “I don’t need poop bags,” said no pup parent ever! Our poop bags and packaging are made from recycled materials and extra durable. It may not be the most glamorous gift, but if you’re ever hesitant about what your pawrent friends need, poop bags will always be a necessity!

  • Healthy Spot Insulated Freezer Tote Bag: Holiday traffic can throw off shopping for frozen goods, but with this tote, raw pet food won’t thaw before it’s supposed to!

  • Tully’s Training Virtual Dog Training Sessions: What better gift can a new pet parent get than helping their pup be a good boy or girl? Tully’s Training is a family-owned group known for their positive-reinforcement techniques and hands-on guidance through group and private dog training services. They offer a range of virtual training sessions for every level of pup obedience. Purchase a class for you or gift one on Eventbrite today!

The Joyful Treat Lover

Jerky or bite-sized treats, duck protein or beef, if your pup loves any and all treats then these gifts should grab their attention!

  • Christmas Cookie Dog Gift Bundle: Gift your pup sweet and savory fun with these toys and treats! This bundle features plush Christmas Cookie toys from the Merry Woofmas collection by P.L.A.Y. These toys squeak and crinkle, making the sounds just as fun for your pup as the seasonal theme is for you. Plus, show your pup they did a good job with our MIND BODY BOWL Turkey Jerky and MIND BODY BOWL Freeze-Dried Beef Liver dog treats! Shop this and other limited-edition bundles at a special price today.
  • MIND BODY BOWL Duck Jerky: If you’re looking to get your dog one of the most coveted treats around, look no further than MIND BODY BOWL Duck Jerky! Made from all-natural duck breast and smoked to invoke maximum flavor while preserving nutrients, your pup’s taste buds will be saying “duck, duck jerky!” after discovering these treats.

  • Grandma Lucy’s Organic Gingerbread Dog Treats: Not only are Grandma Lucy’s organic treats lovingly created in their own bakery, but they’re certified kosher, free of GMOs and preservatives and made of natural ingredients! With these gingerbread treats, your dog will get a taste of the howlidays with every bite.

  • MIND BODY BOWL Salmon Rolls: Looking to surprise your dog with something new? Treat them to our MIND BODY BOWL Salmon Rolls for deliciously smoked salmon and a triple threat of Omegas 3, 6 and 9!

The Howliday Heart

While the howlidays are a special time for us and our loved ones, not every cat or dog has a furever home and family to spend this season with. Here are ways you can help pets in need have a happy howliday season:



  • Berkeley Humane Gift Catalog: This year, consider playing a role in a rescue’s life when you gift a service at Berkeley Humane! Their catalog has gifts starting at $25 and range in opportunities from feeding a rescue animal for a month to naming a new litter of kittens.

  • Donate to Operation Blankets of Love: Healthy Spot is proud to join Operation Blankets of LOVE in collecting donated items to help local rescues. To donate, bring in gently-used blankets, toys and other pet essentials to the following Healthy Spot locations: Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Studio City, Topanga and Long Beach.

  • Rescue Spot Round-Up Donations: When you shop at your local Spot, you’ll be given the option to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and we’ll send these donations to our Round-Up partners for the month. In November, round-up donations will be allocated to L.A. Love & Leashes and Family Dog Rescue. In December, round-up donations will be allocated to Operation Blankets of Love and Hopalong Animal Rescue.

Thanks for checking out our picks for the pawfect gift this holiday season! Want more options for your cat or dog's first Christmas or Hanukkah, or for new pawrent friends? Check out the full howliday gift guide collection here.


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