Questions Arise Around Earth Animal Products

Questions Arise Around Earth Animal Products

Jul 28, 2017Emily Wallace


The integrity of Earth Animal's No-Hide Dog Chews were again called into question on July 31, 2017, claiming that these treats are not regulated by the USDA. 

Earth Animal released another statement ensuring all of its customers and vendors that their manufacturing partner, Pony Express Foods, is in fact regulated by the USDA. Even with the facility certification and the scientific study released last week, Earth Animal started an investigation that includes laboratory analysis and expert evaluation by third parties for further verification that their product is what they say it is. 

Healthy Spot believes in the integrity of Earth Animal's products and that their current practices are consistent with their statements. These products will remain on our shelves. As more information about this conflict becomes available, we will update this post. 

UPDATE 7/29:

Earth Animal released several statements to their customers and partners that contains compelling information regarding the integrity of their product. They also included a scientific study on the digestibility of the chews (performed a week ago). Ultimately, Healthy Spot finds that the study that was referenced in the original article is not conclusive enough to warrant us keeping the product off of our shelves. We believe that the current practices in place are consistent with what we know of Earth Animal and their commitment to producing high-quality and healthy products. 

 As a result, All No-Hide Earth Animal Dog Chews will be restocked on our shelves and available for purchase. There will be more information to come and we will share it as soon as it becomes available. 



We were recently informed about the questions regarding the potential ingredients used in Earth Animal No-Hide Dog Chews. Earth Animal has been a partner of ours for some time and we are making it a priority to get the facts from them directly. 



To exercise an abundance of caution, we've made the decision to pull all of the No-Hide Chew Products off of our shelves until we gather further information.

Your pet's health is our number one priority and we appreciate your patience as we work towards the best solution to this incident.

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  • What is wrong with them? My dog eats about 5 of the sticks a week.


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