A Day in The Life of a Daycare Pup

A Day in The Life of a Daycare Pup

Oct 01, 2023Krista Carlson

If you've been a part of our pack, you know how important it is for us to ensure our pets are healthy and happy in all aspects. Of course, this includes their diet and nutrition, but beyond that, we want to make sure they have all the socialization, exercise and care they need to live their best life. As a busy parent, we know it's not always possible to meet these needs - but that's where we come in! Our Small Dog Daycare is the perfect solution for your pup to mingle with other dogs their size while receiving constant supervision from trained professionals, ensuring that your pet is safe, stimulated and well-cared for. Beyond providing a sanitized and air-conditioned environment, our Small Dog Daycare offers many other exciting perks, so we’re giving you an inside look at what a typical day looks like! Of course, each day varies from the other, but one thing's for sure: your pup will get all the stimulation and entertainment they need to stay happy and fulfilled until it's time to go home. Check out a day in the life of a daycare pup below and prepare to be wowed (and slightly envious)!




 Red Carpet Treatment for your pup 


While we may not have a literal red carpet to roll out for your pup's arrival, our team members ensure that your pup enjoys the warmest welcome! Most pups like to race right in to see their fur-iends, but for those that enjoy a pre-scratch and cuddle sesh, our team members are happy to oblige. During this love fest, our team members also take the time to conduct a health check to identify any changes to skin, coat or joints since their last visit.  

Dog Checkin 


If it's your pup's first time at daycare, we require them to attend a complimentary First-Day Orientation and use this time to analyze their behavior to ensure that our daycare environment is suitable and comfortable for them to thrive. Our honest and comprehensive feedback will help determine if our daycare is the best option for your pup. Lastly, to give our pack members the safest and healthiest environment possible, we require pet parents of first-timers to provide proof of necessary vaccinations. Once your pup is cleared and ready to go, it's time for them to join our pack and let the pawty begin!



Dogs Socializing


Our pups are naturally social creatures, so providing them opportunities for socialization is essential to maintain their physical and emotional health. Our daycare offers the perfect place for pups to engage, play and make new connections with other small pups.

 Dog Climbing on Tunnel Toy Dog Playing With Toy


We keep each of our daycare rooms equipped with fun toys, tunnels and obstacles to keep your pup running and playing with all their new friends. Our attentive team members are always watching and are well-versed in identifying any signs of trouble to ensure a fun, safe and happy playtime for all pack members throughout their stay!





Just like us, our pups can benefit significantly from a refreshing outdoor walk. Dogs thrive on the new smells, sounds and stimuli the outdoors offers. After checking outdoor temperature levels, our team will take small groups of our daycare pups out for a pack walk to keep things exciting and upkeep their mental stimulation. Of course, we never force any pups on a walk and carefully assess whether it is something they would enjoy partaking in. One of our team members stays behind to attend to any dog who is more comfortable indoors (or has been advised to stay indoors by their pawrents). Those up for the adventure are then taken out in a pack to explore the streets and enjoy the company of their new friends. Walking in a group is an exhilarating experience for our pups, encouraging a sense of belonging and connection with other dogs!




Yes, you read that right! Storytime is one of our favorite ways to engage with our daycare pups. Our dogs love being spoken to, so we love interacting with them by reading a fun story from a book! Speaking to the pups is a great way to build a stronger bond between our team and our daycare members and establishes a calm and safe environment where any dog would feel comfortable. You may think this sounds silly, but you'd be amazed how quickly our pack gathers around to listen to a good story! Next time you visit your local Spot, make sure to take a peek inside our daycare room's glass walls - you might catch us in the middle of a fabulous tale!



Dogs Resting and Relaxing


Sometimes, after fun and playtime with friends, even the most energetic pup needs a little downtime. Our environment is full of opportunities for socializing and playing, but we also understand the importance of taking a breather. To ensure our pack members get what they need, we provide a few options for any furry friend who needs to recharge their batteries. Each daycare room is furnished with ultra-comfy, plush dog beds - perfect for those moments when your pup needs to indulge in a nice snooze and rebuild their stamina. We also offer comfortable, covered crates for pups that need even more privacy. Whether your pup wants to play hard or rest hard, we'll always give them what they need!



Healthy Spot Report Card  


We know, we know. You must be excited to hear about your fur baby's stay with us as soon as you reunite with them at pick-up. We've got good news for you! Each day after daycare, we send them home with a report card to keep you looped in on all the wonderful things that happened during their stay with us. Our outstanding and dedicated daycare team members, who have become fast friends and keep a watchful eye on your pup all day, carefully note any fun activities, positive changes or new friendships your pup has made while staying with us. For absolute full transparency, we'll let you know if there were any minor scuffles, too. But no matter what, you can be sure your pup will receive an A+ in our books for attending, socializing and partaking in a pawesome day with us!  

We understand the stress of leaving your pet alone at home and how important it is for pet owners to ensure their best fur-iends health, happiness and safety. To make the transition into daycare even easier, we're thrilled to introduce Pack Memberships, our new daycare membership program! Become a member and enjoy priority booking, monthly grooming and retail rewards, pack walks, enrichment activities, complimentary dining and more exclusive perks with your convenient monthly recurring payment!

We offer three membership levels to choose from, so you can select the monthly membership that pawfectly suits your and your pet's visit preferences. 

  🐾Casual Canine - 5 visits each month

    🐾Dedicated Dog - 10 visits each month

🐾VIPup - UNLIMITED monthly visits

Once you've purchased your Pack Membership, you can book your next daycare visit online to reserve your pup’s spot, and your membership will automatically renew on the 1st of each month.  Plus, you can upgrade your membership level anytime and gift your pup even more days of fun!

 Find your local Spot location to sign up for your Pack Membership and save 30% on your first month.

 To maximize your monthly Pack Membership perks, be sure to sign up for our MIND BODY BOWL Benefits loyalty program! Not only will you receive your monthly grooming and retail reward, but you will accumulate points with every purchase to redeem for pawesome rewards like dollars off, services, treats and more. Join for free ahead of your next online purchase or in store visit.

Disclaimers: Dogs must be 30lbs or under and complete a first-day orientation to be eligible to participate in Small Dog Daycare. First-day orientation appointments must be booked at least 48 hours in advance to be approved. See Online Booking FAQs Page for details. Customer must be a current MIND BODY BOWL Benefits member or register for their online account within 24 hours of making their daycare membership purchase in order to receive their monthly rewards. See MIND BODY BOWL Benefits FAQ Page for promotion details. 

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