4th of July Dog Safety Tips

4th of July Dog Safety Tips

Jun 28, 2016Stephen Loh

4th of July Dog Safety Tips


If your dog is bothered by fireworks, take care to ensure her sanity and yours with the following safety tips.

Plan in advance

If you already know your pet is afraid of fireworks and there will be fireworks in your neighborhood, do you best to spare her the anxiety by arranging for her to stay with a friend or familiar boarding facility in a quieter location.

4th of July Dog Safety Tips


Inspect tags, collar and microchip

Ensure your dog’s ID tags and microchip info are up-to-date. Check your dog’s collar for wear, tear and proper fit.

NEVER take your dog with you to a fireworks display

You may think she’ll feel safer with you, but it will only bring her closer to the fear-inducing stimulus.

4th of July Dog Safety Tips


Provide a safe, comforting environment

If your dog will stay home, keep her in-doors. Close the windows, shades and curtains. If she’s accustomed to being crated, crate her with items to help soothe and distract her, or keep her in her favorite bedroom. Fill a Kong or durable toy with plenty of treats and surround her with comfort items such as a favorite blanket or clothing with your scent on it. Turn on the TV or play soothing music to drown out the noise. Double check that all windows, doors and gates are securely shut.

Try natural calming remedies

There are numerous natural products that can help calm a nervous dog, such as homeopathic drops like Bach’s Rescue Remedy; anti-anxiety herbal chews; calming pheromone air diffusers and sprays; and body wraps such as Thundershirt and The Anxiety Wrap.

4th of July Dog Safety Tips


For extreme cases, consult your vet in advance about prescription anti-anxiety medication

Be sure to give whatever remedy you’re using at least an hour before fireworks are expected to start so they have time to take effect — it’s much harder
to calm a pet that is already in melt-down mode.

Article written by Melanie Monteiro

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  • If you plan to do fireworks in your yard, it would be a good idea to provide a calm environment for your pet. That way you can ensure that you are doing all you can to keep them safe and calm. You can put them in a nice, warm area with blankets and their bed. That way they can get comfortable and forget about the fireworks.

    Kendall Ryder

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