Summer Safety Seminar Recap

Summer Safety Seminar Recap

Jun 16, 2016Emily Wallace


Melanie Monteiro, the author of The Safe Dog Handbook, taught our Safety Seminars. She covered three potential dangers that are an increased risk in the summertime: choking, drowning, and heat stroke.


Melanie demonstrated multiple techniques for helping a choking dog. The first step is to look into the dog’s mouth. If the item is visible and you are confident you can retrieve it, reach in with your hand and grab it. If this is not feasible, other options include the dog Heimlich or back blows. Melanie also suggests always going to the vet after the choking occurs to check for any damage to the throat.


If you have a pool in your house, Melanie advises putting a barrier around it so the dog cannot access it. Though many dogs are capable of swimming, if they fall into the water, they may be in shock and panic, which wastes energy and leads to drowning. If your dog does go in the pool, make sure you teach him or her to find the steps and get out.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is extremely dangerous and can escalate quickly. The signs of heat stroke are aggressive panting, very thick saliva, stumbling, and dark pink or red gums. Melanie suggests becoming familiar with your dog’s normal gum color so it is easy to tell if they are darker than normal. If possible, take the dog’s temperature as well. 104 degrees and above is dangerous. Get the dog to the coolest spot possible and get air circulating around them. If accessible, put cool water on the dog’s paws, belly, and head to begin cooling them down. When you put the dog in the car to get to the vet, make sure the car is cool and the seats are not hot from the sun.



If you would like to get more in-depth tips on dog safety including dog CPR, sign up for Melanie’s CPR class in Manhattan Beach on July 9  from 12-4pm here.

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