Over $200K in Donations Thanks To You!

Over $200K in Donations Thanks To You!

Jun 29, 2016Stephen Loh


Since starting our Round Up for Rescues program, we’ve raised over $200,000 for charity! Thanks to you, we’ve helped feed and shelter pets while also providing basic pet needs and medical assistance through our network of charities and non-profit organizations.


Our Sunday adoption events have helped over 2,000 dogs and cats find their forever home. Thanks to the success of our adoption events, we were able to partner with L.A. Love & Leashes to open our first in-store adoption center in Santa Monica last year.

We definitely feel the in-store love from all of our Healthy Spot family who Round Up and spread the word about Sunday adoptions. This inspires us to spread the love outside of our stores with donations of fundraiser gifts, food, and general donations to local charities. 


We couldn’t have done this without the support and generosity of all of you! Thanks for Rounding Up, rescuing a furry friend, and letting others know that Healthy Spot cares! Here’s to more donations, more forever homes, and more happy, healthy, and safe pets!

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