Get To Know Primal!

Get To Know Primal!

Dec 28, 2020Candice Maniga

At Healthy Spot, we take pride in knowing the brands that we carry share in our commitment to keep pets healthy and happy. Spot's Co/Lab is our pack of innovative partners aligned with our mission of inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by providing unique and impactful experiences with our community. This month, we’re featuring Primal!

Meet Primal Pet Foods
The word “primal” has two definitions: “relating to an early stage in evolutionary development” and “essential; fundamental.” Both definitions also define the history behind Primal Pet Foods. 20 years ago, Primal’s founder Matt Koss was at a loss when his dog Luna started showing signs of renal failure. A holistic veterinarian recommended that Luna switch to a diet of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, also known as BARF. This type of diet follows what an animal would have consumed in the wild. This potential solution gave Matt the idea to create a pet food that followed the philosophy of BARF, but was species-specific to Luna. As he watched Luna thrive on her new raw diet, the beginnings of Primal was born.

“Building A Better Bowl”
Primal is designed to give pet parents a plethora of options when it comes to making both a nutritious and delicious meal for their pets. From their balanced bases to toppers and hydrators or tempting treats, all of their recipes work well together to create a meowsterpiece of a meal for your pet. Whether a cat or dog eats a raw diet, canned food or kibble, the variety provided between these recipes makes it easy to kick any meal up a nutritious notch! On their website, Primal even provides a Build A Better Bowl Calculator to help curious pawrents find the best combinations for their pets. 

Confessions Of A Healthy Spot Team Member
It’s no surprise that Primal is popular with both our customers’ pets and our team members’ fur babies too! We spoke to our Project Coordinator, Cory Noble, to learn why Primal is right for her pack of three (Sirius, Chihiro and Mogley):

Why do you choose to feed Primal to your pets? Have you ever fed them anything else?
Cory: [Primal] has high-quality ingredients and it’s far more biologically correct for my pets’ bodies than the processed kibble that dominates the pet food industry. Plus, my dogs love their Primal meals. Primal gives me confidence in knowing my pets are eating a meal that contains only what their bodies need to remain healthy and strong. Before finding Primal, I fed various kibbles that I thought were highly quality. After learning the benefits of feeding raw, I switched my pets to the healthier, raw and raw alternative options.

What are yours and your pets' favorite Primal products, and why?
Cory: My pets and I love the Frozen Raw Chicken Patties, the Beef Freeze-Dried Nuggets, the Turkey Bone Broth, and the Omega Mussel Mélange Edible Elixir. The meal possibilities are endless. I truly feel like I’m MAKING my pets’ meals especially since I’m not just scooping dry kibble from a container and tossing it in a bowl. The broad range of foods truly allows ease in “building a better bowl” for my pets. The toppers and boosters add moisture and extra nutrients, and they keep each meal interesting for my babies. I enjoy the process of getting my dogs’ meals together in the kitchen, using different combinations of Primal food products. 

Do you prepare your pets' bowls in any special way? If so, how?
Cory: The Frozen Raw Chicken Patties are always the base and bulk of the meal. I rotate through the toppers and boosters to keep the meals interesting. I add moisture to the Frozen Raw Chicken Patties every meal. The patties themselves already contain more moisture than kibble does, but I like adding more. I do this by adding a little warm water or Turkey Bone Broth. Just a little. I don’t make a stew. Sometimes I feed the raw frozen patties with the Turkey Bone Broth on its own. For the instances in which I don’t, and for the meals in which I added warm water instead of bone broth, I either crumble the Beef Freeze-Dried Nuggets on top or I add some Omega Mussel Mélange. The freeze-dried nuggets add a different protein and texture than the bulk of the meal, and the Omega Mussel Mélange helps support joint health, which my senior pups need!

Do you have any tips on feeding or maximizing nutrition for other pet parents who want to use the same products for their pets?
Cory: This is more a comment than a tip, but regardless of the brand or type of food someone feeds their pet, my number one tip is to add moisture. Pets’ bodies are meant to absorb moisture through their meals and kibble doesn’t contain any moisture at all! Adding bone broth, Primal Goat Milk or water gives a pet’s body moisture it needs. You’ll notice an improvement in your pet’s coat, skin, digestion, and overall health very quickly and you’ll forever swear off feeding processed kibbles. 

Find the right picks of Primal’s selection at your local Healthy Spot or on today! Online, you’ll find freeze-dried bases and treats, while in-store, you can speak to one of our nutrition experts to learn about the raw and raw alternative options or how to use a hydrator like Primal Goat Milk or the Primal Edible Elixir to “Build A Better Bowl” with every meal for your cat or dog.

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  • Wow! This is awesome information. I just started my 1 and 1/2 yr old Shih Tzu Sugar Ray on a primarily raw food diet recently, Prior to this, I fed him cooked meals, no kibble at all. (Chicken, green beans, sweet potato, eggs, etc.) Switching him to raw meats now (Steak, ground turkey, liver, etc.) wasn’t a huge transition for him. I am learning more and more through reading articles, especially on your site. I’m so happy I found you!

    Deena Peeplez

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