Activities To Try With Your Dog While Social Distancing

Activities To Try With Your Dog While Social Distancing

Apr 23, 2020Emily Wallace

While your pet may be thrilled that you are spending more time with them instead of doing other social activities, they are also likely going a little stir crazy. The CDC continues to recommend social distancing as a precaution against the spread of the virus which leads to your pet getting fewer walks, less time at the dog park and less socializing with other human and pup friends. Here are some ways to keep your pet busy (and happy!) while social distancing:

Try out a puzzle toy - It’s important for your pets to not only exercise their bodies, but also their minds! Puzzle toys are a great way to do this. Grab a stuffable toy (Spunky Pup, Planet Dog and Up Dog Toys are all great brands we carry in store,) fill it with treats and watch your dog or cat work to figure out how to get them. 

Give your pup something to chew on - Chews like bully sticks, antlers and yak chews take your pup time to get through and will keep them working at something. Your dog will love the special treat and you’ll love that they’re gnawing on a healthy treat rather than your shoe. 

Set up an obstacle course - Going for walks and heading to the dog park aren’t the only ways to get your dog’s heart pumping. You can create an obstacle course for your pup out of things you have at home - all it takes is two chairs and a broomstick to set up a makeshift hurdle! Probe your dog to jump over or crawl under the hurdle by rewarding with treats and soon you’ll have a pro athlete on your hands. 

Teach your dog a new trick  - Another way to exercise your dog’s brain while social distancing is to teach them something new. Try something fun like teaching them to twirl, balancing a treat on their nose or sitting pretty. Once your pup gets it, you’ll both feel accomplished. 

Lay out a treasure hunt - Take some of your pet’s favorite treats or toys and hide them all around your home. Try putting treats at different heights or hidden under objects to add an extra challenge. Once all their goodies are laid out, watch them dash around the house looking for all the buried treasure. They’ll get some exercise and have to flex their mental muscles to find every last hidden gem.

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