Your Pet's Journey to Better Health: The Raw Diet

Your Pet's Journey to Better Health: The Raw Diet

Jan 01, 2024Healthy Spot

The beginning of a new year brings new opportunities for growth, change and the universal decision to prioritize our health. Whether you're still in the process of plotting out your resolutions or have already begun pursuing a new goal in 2024, the New Year never fails to be the perfect time for a fresh start. As you commit to cutting out unhealthy habits you want to leave behind, consider incorporating your favorite family member (hint: they have four legs) into your efforts towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Make your pet’s New Year’s resolution the shift to a raw food diet and witness them transform into the best version of themselves.

Most furry friends aren't too picky regarding food and will eat just about anything given to them by their trusted humans (sometimes even strangers). Because of our pets' willingness to indulge, pet parents must take on the responsibility of ensuring the daily meals they consume are healthy and beneficial to what their bodies need. Since our pets are naturally carnivores, a raw food diet is the most biologically appropriate. We highly recommend switching to a raw pet food diet this new year to support their optimal health. Serving raw food can come with numerous benefits, including enhanced energy levels, better muscle, bone and joint health, improved skin and fur health, better gut health (and less smelly poops), appropriate levels of vitamins, minerals and protein and genuine satisfaction with a taste that pets go wild for. Plus, raw food is packed with high moisture levels, which can help keep your pet hydrated.


Because raw food is ideal for pets, many brands offer raw pet food, treats and supplements in their lineup. Although the wide variety of options can be exciting, researching and finding the perfect raw-based diet can get overwhelming. Luckily, we have done the research and created the Healthy Start Food Quiz that can help you determine the right raw foods and supplements for your pet to promote a long, healthy and happy life. Complete the quiz now and let us help you begin your pet's path to wellness!

We are thrilled to be a part of your pet's path to better health! Whether you want to head online or shop at your nearest Spot, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable pack members are ready to help. We are committed to being your pet's partner throughout their journey to wellness and look forward to hearing your thoughts on their new and improved diet!

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