Why Customers Love Our Small Dog Daycare

Why Customers Love Our Small Dog Daycare

Sep 16, 2022Yasmin Amirani

Owning a dog isn’t always easy. From early morning wake-up calls to constant training upkeep to checking whether that new brunch spot has a dog-friendly patio, we always have our furry friends on our minds. Healthy Spot’s Small Dog Daycare was designed to help solve one concern of pet ownership - what to do with your dog when you can’t be with them. In our article about the 3 Benefits of Small Dog Daycare, we share some of the reasons our daycare is so beneficial for your pup, but don’t take it from us! We interviewed some of our customers who frequent our daycares and asked them about their experiences. Check out their answers below!

The Pups:

Why Customers Love Our Small Dog Daycare


Pawrent: Christine

Daycare location:
Manhattan Beach

Breed: Maltese



Pawrent: Nicole

Daycare location: 
Beverly Grove

Breed: Havanese



Pawrent: Pauline

Daycare location: 
Mission Bay

Breed: Cavapoo


Pawrent: Elizabeth

Daycare location: 
Studio City

Breed: Pug




Pawrent: Jazmena

Daycare location: 
Mission Bay

Breed: Frenchie



Why did you choose Healthy Spot for Small Dog Daycare?

Jazmena & Nola: The team is amazing, professional, and supportive. I’m a first-time dog owner and I ask the silliest questions. The Healthy Spot team has always helped me with any questions I have in regard to being a dog owner. Most importantly, the Healthy Spot team actually interacts with the dogs and provides care. We’ve taken Nola to other doggy daycares and most places the workers are on their phones or prop a camera to watch the dogs. We have seen a world of difference since taking Nola to Healthy Spot. She’s loved and happier there.

Christine & Skippy: Healthy Spot came as a recommendation to me. That’s always a plus. As soon as I got to know the team there, it was clear to see why they got glowing reviews and I was glad to recommend them to other dog owners.

Pauline & Cody: The location is very convenient because I live really close. I have a neighbor who is a big Healthy Spot fan and has a similar dog to Cody. She loves [Healthy Spot] and recommended it.

Does your pup get excited when you take them to daycare?

Christine & Skippy: Skippy gets very excited as we pull into the parking lot of Healthy Spot. He can't get out of the car fast enough and then runs through the store straight to the daycare entrance.

Elizabeth & Winston: Winston has memorized the drive from our house to daycare. The minute I pull into the parking lot, he knows where he’s going. He starts crying for joy! When we get out of the car to go up the ramp, he’s pulling me to daycare.

Nicole & Sonny: He is beyond excited! He rushes to the daycare door and most of the time tries to push it open. At his size, he doesn’t quite have the strength but it’s adorable to see every day.

Pauline & Cody: Even if we just go into the store to buy a treat, he is always trying to pull me towards daycare. He does it with grooming too!

Jazmena & Nola: As soon as we get off the freeway, she knows where we’re going. She is asleep most of the ride and then she realizes we’re going to Healthy Spot and puts her paws on the windows. She is usually walking me and she turns us right into the daycare room.

Does your pup have a BFF in daycare?

Pauline & Cody: Cody has two girlfriends - a human girlfriend and a dog girlfriend. Luna is his dog girlfriend who is one of the groomer’s dogs and that groomer is his human girlfriend! Whenever he sees either of them, he cries so much and wants hugs and kisses! He plays with a ton of dogs in daycare though. I love the report cards that [Healthy Spot] gives out every day and it always says who he played with.

Christine & Skippy: Skippy plays with all the dogs in daycare. He also loves [the team members] Donna, Bren and Jessica.

Jazmena & Nola: Nola has a boyfriend she plays with named Harvey. The daycare team always tells me if there are multiple Frenchies there, they always want to play together. She also really likes [the team members] Travis and Deanna.

Nicole & Sonny: He loves playing and lounging with the staff as well as the crew of girl pups that are there daily with him.

Elizabeth & Winston: Winston’s best friends at daycare are Caymus, Boris, Wolf and Hero.

What’s your dog’s favorite activity in daycare?

Pauline & Cody: Cody loves the walks. He has some people around the neighborhood who know him. There’s one woman who lives in the neighborhood and knows him and told me, “I saw Cody on a walk with Healthy Spot and he looked so happy!” Lots of people keep an eye on him for me and all the feedback has been so positive.

Christine & Skippy: As soon as he enters the room, his tail is wagging and he goes up and down the ramps running around greeting all his fur friends.

Nicole & Sonny: [Sonny loves getting] hugs from all the team.

Have you noticed any positive changes in their behavior since taking them to daycare?

Elizabeth & Winston: The positive changes we’ve noticed in Winston since he’s been going to daycare are sleeping better and not tearing up the house!

Nicole & Sonny: Yes absolutely! Since I got Sonny during covid, I wanted to make sure he was in a social setting as soon as possible and daycare was the perfect opportunity. He’s interacting with dogs he’s familiar with and dogs that are new to him. They’ve also taught him a good balance of playtime and rest, and I so appreciate the mindfulness of the staff around that.

Christine & Skippy: Skippy seems happier after a day at daycare. He loves running around and playing, so sometimes he gets bored when the house is quiet. After daycare, he is relaxed and tired from a full day of fun.

Jazmena & Nola: Nola has been going to Healthy Spot daycare for almost a year. She is pretty calm after because she is exhausted from the day even though she is the only dog who doesn’t take naps! I tell the team that I’m so thankful they take pride in taking care of all the dogs.

How has Healthy Spot’s Small Dog Daycare helped you in your daily life?

Christine & Skippy: I prefer that he not be home alone for any extended period of time, so daycare has allowed me the freedom to take care of my errands while he is having fun. It also puts me at ease knowing that he is in a safe and nurturing environment. Skippy is very attached to me and is usually anxious when I am not around.  However, at daycare, he is very much at ease and has no problem with me leaving him.  I know [daycare] has been very important for his emotional and mental well-being.

Pauline & Cody: Both my husband and I work pretty long hours and it's pretty important to have a place we feel good about taking Cody. Plus when he gets home, he is tired! 

Elizabeth & Winston: He’s a lot more content when he gets home and he’s not getting into things around the house that he’s not allowed to touch. 

Jazmena & Nola: It really helps me while I’m working. I take her when my boyfriend goes into the office. I’m also grateful Healthy Spot is open Saturdays so we can run errands or go on a date.


Let Healthy Spot help you make pet ownership a little easier with Small Dog Daycare. Ready to give it a try? New customers to daycare receive 50% off a 10-day or 20-day package*! Plus, this month only, all MIND BODY BOWL Benefits members receive double points on all daycare packages**. Not a member and want to get rewarded for shopping at Healthy Spot? Join for free today***!

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