Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For You and Your Pet

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For You and Your Pet

Jan 31, 2019Stephanie Aguilera

Valentine’s Day is near and it’s the perfect time to spoil your pup! But how can you possibly give them more attention than normal? Try these 5 Valentine’s Day date ideas with your pup!

Puppy Love Yappy Hours

Celebrate the love you have for your fur baby at our Puppy Love Yappy Hours! This is an event for both pet lovers and pups to get together and enjoy all the furry and quirky things we love about our four-legged family members. Plus, it wouldn’t be yappy hour without cocktails for the humans! While you sip on your drink, pups are encouraged to get to know each other and enjoy refreshments and snacks of their own. This event is perfect for pet owners to show their best friend how much they love them while getting to know other local dog owners! RSVP for this heartwarming event HERE.

Have An Adventure At The Park

If the outdoors is where you and your pet can most likely be found, try out a new park! Wilacre Park, located in Studio City, is a large park with tons of hiking trails where your pet can join you if they remain on leash. It’s also heavily shaded with trees and shrubs, so you know you and your pet will enjoy a comfortable walk through the park’s meadows and trails. What else do we love about this park? It has a drinking fountain and waste bags available for your pet! This is a great place to check out and get active with your furry valentine!

Stay In and Watch a Movie

If you and your pup prefer to stay in and snuggle, curl up on the couch and watch a movie! Let your pal in on the fun by choosing a pet-related movie where the barking and sounds from the furry actors will get them to interact and keep the both of you entertained. We recommend films and shows such as Netflix’s Dogs docuseries, Bolt, The Adventures of Milo and Otis and any other movie where the main stars are furry and adorable. Make it extra special by making it a double date or hosting a sleepover with your pet’s furry BFF!

Eat and drink at a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

If you and your pawtner-in-crime are foodies, try out a new place together! Art’s Table, located in Santa Monica, is a super dog-friendly beer and wine restaurant. This spot offers outdoor seating with plenty of space for your pet to cuddle up next to you or hang out under the table – whichever you prefer! Stop by for a sensational experience with your best friend by your side!

If you live in the Costa Mesa area, Seabirds Kitchen is a charming restaurant to try if you are looking for great vegan options. Everything is made from scratch with top-notch ingredients and locally grown fruits and vegetables. This is a dog-friendly place located at the LAB, a shopping center supporting only local and small businesses. Bring your pup to enjoy a nice meal and to shop for unique items.   

Take Them to Their Favorite Spot

Healthy Spot that is! We have tons of ways you can pamper your furry love at your local Healthy Spot. Whether it’s getting an unlimited amount of belly rubs from our staff or picking them up a new toy or treat to enjoy, they’ll never want to leave. You can also bring them in for an indulging spa day to get them ready for your big movie night with them in the evening! Nothing shows your pet how much you adore them by surprising them with a visit to their local Healthy Spot!

Bonus: Visit The Pup-Up Galleries After Valentine’s Day

Love art and pets? We do too! Healthy Spot has partnered with two very talented photographers to showcase their passion for art and pets at two Healthy Spot locations.

Healthy Spot Topanga
Experience the adventures of photographer Andrew Knapp and his border collie, Momo, through his gorgeous works of art. His photography features his muse, Momo, hiding in breathtaking landscapes and environments. Come find Momo!

Healthy Spot Los Feliz
Experience the vibrant and furry world of Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography! Kaylee’s photography captures the fun, colorful and playful personalities of dogs and why we love them so much. Are you ready to walk into a world of fur and delights? Come on in!

RSVP to one or both of the launch pawties for these galleries HERE.

Show your dog how much you adore them by dedicating Valentine’s Day to them with a thoughtful date idea! Whether you both like to explore new places or prefer the coziness of your home, we hope these Valentine’s Day date ideas will make your pet’s tail shake with excitement and love!

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