Champion Pet Food Update

Champion Pet Food Update

Jan 30, 2019Andrew Kim

2/26/19 UPDATE

Champion recently made headlines again about an update on the class action lawsuit filed in 2018. On Thursday, February 7, 2019, a Wisconsin federal district court judge dismissed the case against Champion Pet Food. Backed by expert witness testimony, Champion argued that its pet food consumed by the plaintiff’s dogs was safe and healthy. “The court’s opinion is consistent with Champion Petfoods’ position that its foods are safe and that the trace amounts of heavy metals are naturally occurring in the healthy ingredients used by Champion. We vigorously fought the allegations in this case and will do the same in any other cases that assert similar claims,” said Champion Petfoods trial counsel Dave Coulson. Champion continues to maintain its firm commitment to making pet food that is safe and healthy. Read more about this lawsuit HERE

2/2/2019 UPDATE

After further conversation with Champion Pet Food about this matter, we wanted to confirm the following information:

1) The pentobarbital contaminated beef fat was caught in their own internal testing of ingredients.  As a result, they did not use the ingredients in any of their food. 

2) None of their food was tested positive for pentobarbital internally, by the FDA or 3rd party.  This is why they were not recalled like other brands that had their food tested positive for pentobarbital.  

3) They did immediately terminate the relationship with the beef fat supplier implicated in this claim and are pursuing legal action against them. To note, their current supplier of beef fat has not had any issues.  

At this time, we feel confident in sharing that Champion Pet Food products poses no immediate health concerns to your pets. Should you have any additional concerns, feel free to email or speak to a team member at your local Healthy Spot. Our customers will always remain our number one priority, so we will continue to remain vigilant around any updates to this matter.

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, released an article that implicates Champion Pet Food in a serious claim regarding a pentobarbitol contamination in the raw ingredients. At this time, the FDA has not issued a recall or warning when they've been quick to do so in previous pentobarbitol cases. As a carrier of this pet food brand, we want to inform you that we have reached out to Champion directly to investigate this claim and will work hard to keep our customers informed in the matter.

In the article issued by Truth About Pet Food, it is stated that pentobarbital was in beef fat that was shipped to Champion Pet Food’s facility in March 2018. We do not know whether this contaminate found its way into their food and have not seen claims or tests of pentbarbitol in their finished product.

Healthy Spot is only committed to our customers and their pets. We will keep everyone informed of any developments of this claim and will make decisions to ultimately provide safe and quality foods once we gather more information.  As part of this commitment, we have and will always accept returns or exchanges of any food items recently purchased at any Healthy Spot location.  You can read the full article released by Truth About Pet Food HERE.


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