Turning Dog Clothes Into Dog Costumes

Turning Dog Clothes Into Dog Costumes

Oct 05, 2021Candice Maniga

Spooky season and fall are upon us, meaning it’s almost time for two of our favorite parts of the year: Howl-O-Ween costumes and sweater weather! If you’re like us and love including your pet in holiday celebrations, you know it can be hard finding a costume that your fur baby won’t fuss in. We’re showing you 6 dog costumes you can make with dog clothes available in Healthy Spot stores so you can celebrate Howl-O-Ween without the hassle, plus have dog outfits ready for the rest of the year!

  1. Ransom Drysdale (Played by Chris Evans in Knives Out):
    Does your dog look just like Chris Evans? Prove it now and plan your howliday card later with GF Pet’s Chalet Dog Sweater! Cable knits got even more popular when Knives Out was released in 2019, and marvel dog dad Chris Evans even got his dog Dodger a matching sweater.

  2. Cowardly Lion (from The Wizard of Oz), King of the Jungle or Circus Star:
    The Worthy Dog’s Cecil the Lion dog sweater isn’t just cute and cozy, it’s pawfect for matching costumes with your dog! You could be another character from The Wizard of Oz, another lion part of the pride or a ringleader accompanying your circus’s main star!

  3. Tony the Tiger (modeled by @wesleylupin) or Tiger King:
    Depending whether you're more into cereal or serial binging, The Worthy Dog’s Tiger Hoodie dog sweater works as a combo costume! Slip this cozy knit over your pup and carry a box of Frosted Flakes or add ModernBeast's dog crown to turn your fur baby into feline royalty as a nod to one of Netflix's biggest hits!

  4. Army Soldier or Invisible Dog:
    The versatility for The Worthy Dog’s apparel doesn’t end with a triple-threat lion! If you’re dressing up as a member of the military, your dog will be warm and ready to roll with The Worthy Dog’s Quarter Fleece Dog Coat in camouflage. For a surprising twist on your dog’s costume, you could be a wilderness expert pretending your pup is so well camouflaged that they’re invisible!

  5. Golden Unicorn or Burrito:
    We could all use more golden unicorns and burritos in our life, so whichever is more your speed is what your dog should be! Keep the one-horned hood on Found My Animal’s Puffer Dog Coat to turn your dog into a mythical creature or remove it and add a label sticker with your favorite order!

  6. Alien from Outer Space:
    Ever heard of alien dogs? Put a Canada Pooch Puffer Dog Vest in silver or iridescent on your dog, and you’ll have seen one too! Match your dog’s intergalactic energy by dressing as their alien partner or earth liaison!

These are just a handful of ideas for turning dog clothes into dog costumes next time you shop at your local Spot, and we’ve got amazing events where your pup can wear them. If you’re planning to dress your pup up on more than one occasion, be sure to check out the Howl-O-Ween costumes we brought in too!

Need some dog treats and dog Halloween toys to add to your pup's spooky season celebrations? Check out our Howl-O-Ween collection!

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