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Nov 15, 2021
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Howliday Gift Guide: Feliz Foodie

Nov 15, 2021

The Feliz Foodie

Some dogs are all about the pets and praise, but the Feliz Foodie is first in line when snacks are involved! Stock up on yummy treats and even poke fun at their fascination with food dog toys this holiday season.

  1. MIND BODY BOWL Duck Jerky 2-Pack: Duck is a favorite protein for people at this time of year and our MIND BODY BOWL Duck Jerky dog treats happen to be the dog favorite year-round, so getting two for your pup is twice as nice!
  2. Grandma Lucy's Gingerbread Baked Dog Treats: These seasonal snacks are organic, low in kcals and give your food-motivated dog a taste of holiday tradition.
  3. Polka Dog Bakery Shepherds Pie Lamb Liver Treats: This single-ingredient treat is free of antibiotics and hormones, plus the lamb is locally sourced from small farms in New England and New York.
  4. Polka Dog Bakery Season's Eatings Turkey & Cranberry 12 oz Treats: These soft, chewy treats are great for training and perfect for older dogs to snack on.
  5. Holiday Orbee Lil Snoop (available in Red and Green): This puzzle toy will keep your pup busy and their brain stimulated as they try to work out how to get to the treats you hid inside. With the translucent design and the fun, squishy shape, pets are able to see and hear when there is still food to discover.
  6. Zippy Paws Hanukkah Miniz 3-Pack Donutz Dog Donuts, 3-pack: They may not taste like the real thing, but having 3 squeaky, fun toys will be just as sweet of a treat for your pup!
  7. Fringe Studio Oh Snap! Rex with Cookies: Pick up a snack buddy for your pup! This T-Rex is content with his cookies and may be reflective of your Feliz Foodie’s own personality!
  8. H&K Frame Holiday Stocking: Include your pet in the family festivities with their own stocking that you can fill with their favorite treats and chews!

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