Thank You From L.A. Love & Leashes

Thank You From L.A. Love & Leashes

Oct 31, 2017Nick Batcheller

Dear Healthy Spot Customers,

L.A. Love & Leashes would like to thank you for your incredible generosity. With this Spring and Summer Rescue Spot Round Ups, we have received over $17,000! Every penny of these funds will go toward saving shelter animals in desperate need of a home. 




Because of donations such as yours, we are able to continue the lifesaving work that we do with the L.A. City Shelters to offer a high traffic, warm and welcoming environment here in Healthy Spot Santa Monica for shelter dogs and cats to be seen. To date, we have saved over two thousand lives by finding them forever homes.




Your support is also critical at this time as the State of California puts into effect its recent ban on the sale of dogs from puppy mills, a ruling which will also cover cats and rabbits. California is currently the only state in the country to adopt this plan, and we hope to be a model to other states and to pet stores, proving that adoptable shelter pets are just as adorable, loving and worthy of a home as those that come from mills.  With our model, we are helping to stop an industry that causes pain, suffering and harm to millions of animals. Read about Healthy Spot's efforts around this here. 




Countless dogs and cats are still awaiting their forever homes in our shelters in California and throughout our country.  Thanks to your donations, we are able to be a part of this important movement to help save them.




Stop by our adoption center six days a week, located in Healthy Spot Santa Monica. 

With our sincere gratitude,

The L.A. Love & Leashes Team

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