Introducing Rescue Spot!

Introducing Rescue Spot!

Nov 01, 2017Joseph Hotter

In the spirit of giving back, we’d like to introduce Rescue Spot, our non profit organization dedicated to supporting local rescues through fundraising and other efforts. As strong believers in fostering community, we’re focusing on local LA and Orange County animal rescues, such as L.A. Love & Leashes and NKLA, to help pets live a long and happy life. Let’s lend a paw together!



Here is a list of all the ways Healthy Spot and Rescue Spot have helped local rescues over the years!


Round Up For Rescues




Your change can make a change! Every month, our Round Up efforts help a different local rescue organization, simply by collecting spare change. This includes asking customers at the register whether they’d like to round their total amount to the nearest dollar. In the past, we’ve teamed up with L.A. Love & Leashes, NKLA, DRLA, The Rescue Train, Austin Pets Alive, and more. We’ve raised $194,008.57 so far, and hope to raise more this November! Every cent counts!


Sunday Adoptions




We strongly believe in helping all pets, especially those who haven’t found their forever homes yet. To show support, we set aside our daycare room every Sunday for rescue organizations, such as L.A. Love and Leashes, to host their adoption events privately, in a bigger space. Even though we’re opting out on making profit from our daycare services that day, It’s more than justified when a pet finds a home. We’re excited to have been a part of getting 1,800 to 2,000 pets new owners, and strive for more! Like our core values state, we believe in profits with principles.






Ever been to a Healthy Spot event? If you have, you’ve probably noticed a raffle or silent auction benefiting a local rescue. We do this at all our larger events, where we know we’ll have more activity and engagement. Whether it’s through live participation or social media, the goal remains the same – to collect funds for our rescue organization partner of the day. Since starting these fun raffles and auctions, we’ve raised $65,000, and hope to raise more. This way, we’re helping pets stay full, healthy, and happy while waiting for a home.


Rescue Spot Adoption Packs




Rescue Spot is unique in that we’re present before, during, and even after an adoption has occurred. Our Rescue Spot Adoption Packs are given to all our rescue partners to give to new pet parents. They include a wide variety of free goodies and deeply discounted items that a new owner would need. Every time a customer uses these Adoption Packs, the rescue organization they adopted from receives a monetary reward from us. We use this as an incentive for local adoption groups to push pet adoptions the most they can! Since starting this program, we’ve raised $4,000 dollars for local rescues. This way, we’re rewarding both parties for their hard work in helping a furry friend in need.


Food Drives




Supply a pet with a full tummy! Even though monetary donations alleviate and support local rescue organizations, the most needed resource is food. To help, we host annual food drives in February and November. During these two months, sales and donations are matched by Healthy Spot and our food vendors, doubling the amount of what was originally donated. This means, when you buy or donate a bag of food, Healthy Spot donates one too! With these efforts, we’ve raised over 3 tons of food, and can’t wait to give more! Check out last year’s Food Drive here!


L.A. Love & Leashes




Adopt, Shop, and Love with L.A. Love & Leashes! L.A. Love & Leashes is a non-profit adoption space dedicated in finding homes for pets from L.A.’s city shelters. We partnered to open our first in-store adoption center, located in Santa Monica. This way, they’re at a spot with heavy foot traffic, giving a pet a higher chance of finding a new home. We’re proud to say that since L.A. Love & Leashes has joined us in October 2015, 370 pets have found their furever home.  Make is 371 pets by adopting your new best friend today!


We’re proud to have these efforts reflect our philanthropic visions and align with our core values. We’re supported by our pillars about supporting community, giving back and making a difference, and that pets are family. Interested in joining our Rescue Spot efforts?  Help us support local LA animal rescues and pets by participating today, or by contacting for more detailed information.  Let’s make a difference, one tail wag at a time.


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  • Hello,
    I am looking to volunteer at local dog shelters and rescues in and around the West Side/Santa Monica area. I have over ten years’ experience caring for dogs and other animals, including dog daycare, boarding, pet-sitting, dog-walking, and fostering. Do you currently have any volunteer work available? I look forward to hearing back!


    Audrey Sheehan
  • Hello. My name is Robin and I am a volunteer with I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue. I was hoping to get information on how to possibly be selected for your Round-Up Program. Our rescue has been around for almost 8 years and we are based in Orange Country, CA. I love the Healthy Spot here in Costa Mesa. Here is a link for your website for more info about us:

    Look forward to hearing from you!
    > Robin

    Robin Jackson

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