Summer BBQ Tips For Pet Parents

Summer BBQ Tips For Pet Parents

Jun 28, 2019Jamie Shindler

The summer season and the 4th of July stir up a feeling inside us all that drives us to start grilling and enjoying the outdoors. With the warmer days upon us, we want you to enjoy it with your pets.

You’re grilling on your barbecue with your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) friends and family, and your pup is giving you those low eyes, while your cat is staring at you from your window. The smell is unbearably delicious. Can you imagine what it smells like with your pet’s heightened senses?

We want to help! Check out our tips below on foods that are safe to share at your summer barbecue and which to avoid at all costs. Keep portion control in mind for your pet’s size. After all, they’re family, so they should join the pawty too!


The Do’s:

Blueberries and watermelon are great to feed your pet! They’re both great sources of vitamins and minerals, while being a healthy snack for all sizes of dogs and cats. Just make sure to cut off the rind and serve them in smaller pieces to avoid a choking hazard.

Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies are a great find at any Healthy Spot. You can cook them up on your grill next to your own hot dogs, and serve them to your dog to include them in the fun! They’re packed with protein and approving nods from your pup.

If you want to let your pet enjoy some of your amazing meat and poultry finds at the grocery store, it’s completely safe to feed them unseasoned small amounts of cooked hamburger that isn’t very fatty. Be sure to thoroughly grill it before sharing!

You can also grill some zucchini and sweet potato like you were planning for yourself, and give the unseasoned pieces to your pet to make sure they get their veggies in. In fact, sweet potato is great for your pet’s digestive system offering a high fiber source.


The Don’ts:

You definitely want to avoid any seasoned and/or fatty meats you’d eat yourself. While they may create a ton of “You have to give me your recipe!” remarks, animals aren’t used to those seasonings and fats, and may have a negative reaction to them.  

Grapes should be highly avoided with pets, causing fatally toxic reactions. Guacamole is another food that some of us consider to be its own food group, but contains a substance that can cause breathing issues in pups and felines.

Any starchy snack on the table like a chip or pretzel is also a no-go, because they’re not intended for pet’s consumption. They have a ton of additives that our bodies can handle, but pet’s bodies can’t.

Lastly, while there are many out there who love to give their pets the bone of a steak or chicken when they’re done polishing it off, we suggest not doing so since such bones can create easy splinters that will hurt your pet’s mouth. Rather get them a bone made for pups like a Healthy Spot brand bullystick or steerstick!

Your pets love to pawty just as much as you do! Include them in the fun this summer while staying safe. You’re bound to get a ton of approving licks and cuddles after they finish their plates! If you have any additional questions are the do’s and don’ts of safe foods, you can stop by any Healthy Spot and ask one of our friendly team members. Find your local spot here!




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