Pet Essentials For Summer

Pet Essentials For Summer

Jun 01, 2019Andrew Kim

It's the dog days of summer! Luckily, we've prepared to help you plan for road trips, beach days and more! Check out our list of pet essentials to keep your best fur-riend happy and frolicking all summer long!

We've divided it up into categories for maximum essential efficiency. 


Food & Treats- Our picks for an easy and nutritious summer. 

Primal Pet Food Frozen Raw

For help during warmer temps, this cool, nutritious meal covers all of your pet's important dietary needs. 


Healthy Spot Brand Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Treats

For an easy single ingredient snack on the go. Available in store and online! SHOP IT HERE!


Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Raw

For an easy travel meal when you're on the go and need a perfectly balanced feast. Available in all flavors online! SHOP IT HERE!


Accessories- To assure your pet is supporting the cause while being comfortable and stylish on your adventures. 

Found My Animal Rainbow Harness

For easy control of your pup while flashing your pride for the month. 


Found My Animal Rainbow Shirt

For all the style your pup needs in an unbelievably soft tie-dye. 


Calming- Help your pet stay itch and stress-free all summer long.


For safely calming your pet's nerves with all the ruckus outside. 


Earth Animal Daily Herbal Internal Powder, Flea & Tick Herbal Drops, Flea & Tick Spray

For your pet's natural way to enjoy the beach and outdoors without worry. 


Traveling- Pawfect finds for all levels of adventuring. 

Magisso Cooling Bowls

For your pet's cold water needs during a hot day. 


K9 Sport Sack

For those big trips to take your pup anywhere you go.


Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest

For those adventures when you don't want your pup to overheat. 


Lavasox Shoes

For your pet's paws, to keep them safe on the hot cement. 



Want to check out these products or need more recommendations? Head to you local Healthy Spot and speak to a team member today!

Have fun this summer!

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  • Our two pups love the small batch freeze dried chicken. In have spoken to one of the managers but cannot get a response. Try these treats, a bit pricy but your dog will probably love it.

    Ann Albano

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