Spooky Costumes And Fur Dyes

Spooky Costumes And Fur Dyes

Sep 30, 2019Andrew Kim

It’s almost Howl-O-Ween, and Healthy Spot is ready to dive into the festivities! Because it is one of our favorite holidays, we are celebrating all month long with events, a contest and of course, costumes! Whether your pup enjoys dressing up or not, we have festive costume ideas for your favorite pawtner-in-crime!


Pennywise from IT

Want to scare the bejeebers out of someone? Well you won’t do that here because your pup will be too cute and peppy to pass for a creepy clown from a drain. Either way, your pup will be embracing their fur-ightening costume!

Minnie Mouse

A clear classic. Put your pup in this Minnie Mouse costume to get her dolled up and ready to find her Mickey! Added bonus: extra space for your pup’s ears!


Baby Shark


Baby Shark doo doo… This is a conversation starter. The conversation being a sing-a-long that will stick in your head all night long, while also being a clear reason to be given more treats!


Brazilian Bombshell

Not only a reason to sporadically break out into dance, but also a colorful masterpiece. Your pup is sure to grab the attention of all their fur-iends with this little number!


T-Birds from Grease

Hair gel not included. Whether you go all out and give the fluff some volume, or stick to the slick leather jacket, this costume is what all the cool kids are wearing. 



Simple and elegant, the animal sweater series. Offered in a few of our favorite jungle animals, your pup will embrace their adventurous side! Just make sure to keep an eye out for them as they go on the hunt for some tasty treats!

You can find these winners in any Healthy Spot location along with some other jaw-droppingly cute getups. Find your local spot by clicking HERE!


Does your pup not like to dress up? We offer non-toxic and eco-friendly fur dyes in any of our Healthy Spot Grooming Salons to give your pup some extra style this Howl-O-Ween! 

While the idea of adding a pop of color to your pup’s fur may sound easy, fur dyeing isn’t for every pup. We take safety in our salons very seriously, which is why we have certain procedures in place for pups who are a little feistier and don’t enjoy bathing and pampering.  Fur dyeing takes extra time and patience, so we don’t recommend fur dyeing for dogs that may have some aggression or anxiety during grooms. For those pups that are calm in the salon, or love the attention, fur dyeing is a great alternative to a costume!

We have two different fur dyeing processes that will get your pup ready to pawty! One process involves a temporary, topical paint, and the other a more permanent dye. The product that acts as a paint comes from Pet Paint. Our groomers utilize Pet Paint for the topical fur dyeing, which sprays on your pup's fur and works well on darker fur to help make the color pop. They use either stencils or their hands to make specific patterns and shapes, so if you have an idea in mind, ask your groomer to see if they can bring it to life! The paint is non-toxic and eco-friendly, plus avoids any chemicals that react with pet’s fur or skin. Pet Paint resembles children’s paint products that are easy to digest. 

The more permanent fur dye comes from O Pawz, a company who stands for the quality and style of their dyes, while using global resources that aren’t harmful to the environment. We treat this more permanent dye just like a hair stylist would at their salon- by brushing it on and letting it sit. The application involves no bleach or ammonia, which are common ingredients in human’s hair colorings. There are a few different techniques used to help the color stay on. Some of our groomers use a thick conditioner so it stays in one area, others use tin foil for an ombre effect. For pastel colors, the dye is left on for about 15 minutes, while for a pop of color like in this perfect floof you see below, the color sat for a little over 30 minutes. Either way, dogs who love attention enjoy the pampering! 


After the application, the styling begins! Our award-winning groomers show off their talents per their customer requests, such as shaving a Superman logo on the front of an all black pup, or creating what resembles scales on a shorter straight haired dog. Taking a Superman shave for example, a groomer would dye the red logo onto a dog’s chest, and shave out the background of the “S” in between the diamond shape to make it POP! 

Fur dyeing is a fun way to pamper your pet and give them some extra attention while walking on the streets. We recommend it for those pups who don’t like dressing up but still like to be in the spotlight. If you want to book an appointment or hear a groomer’s recommendation, call your local salon here!

Want to show off your pet’s newest costume or fur dye? RSVP to your closest Howl-O-Ween bash in October! Join us for treats and frights, while showing off your pet in the costume contest! Check them out here! Plus we’re holding a costume contest on Instagram all month long. Make sure to check out our Instagram to enter!

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  • What an informative article and what sounds like a great product! My dogs and cat are my babies, and I try to keep them as clean as possible, but somehow, they are still fleabags. Pet care is no joke! I have always been wary of using chemicals on them, and it seems like I have the best solution now. I am definitely going to try out the natural spray
    on them. Thanks!

    Amanda George
  • Hi – Awesome photos of doggies in costumes. Like that the Halloween Bags are black vs. white for staying clean. Thanks for the 10% off on October 30 and 31, with the bags. Bye, Laurie Lerner

    Laurie Lerner

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