5 Reasons Why Working at Healthy Spot Is Your Dream Job

5 Reasons Why Working at Healthy Spot Is Your Dream Job

Oct 02, 2019Andrew Kim

Do you consider dogs and cats more than just pets, but as family? Do you have a passion for animal health and wellness? Do you like pet puns? Then come join the Healthy Spot team!

Healthy Spot is a company that’s committed to inspiring Healthy Pet Lifestyles with a Mind, Body and Bowl approach. From the company mission, to fun community events, to being surrounded by pets, our fast-growing company has earned its Spot (pun very much intended) on the Glassdoor's 2019 Best Places to Work and Inc. 5000 lists for a reason!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should come work with us!
*Stay tuned ‘til the end for descriptions of our current job opportunities!

1. Pets Come First

    Andrew Kim and Mark Boonnark founded Healthy Spot in 2008 in response to the 2007 massive pet food recall. The duo then set out to create a place where pet owners weren't confused about what was in their furry friends’ foods. We know that dogs and cats are more than just pets - they’re family, so providing pet owners the tools to care for them as such is important to us.

    2. We live by MIND, BODY & BOWL

      Healthy Spot's motto! But what does it mean?
      We believe that these three aspects are integral in contributing to overall pet wellness. Healthy Spot offers a fun, small dog daycare (MIND), esteemed dog grooming (BODY) and some of the highest quality pet foods in the world (BOWL). Each one of our departments plays a role in supporting well-rounded pet health, so your four-legged friend can lead a long, happy life.

      3. It's True- We're the Life of the Pawty

        Not only is Healthy Spot well-known for the foods and products we offer, but for our “su-paw” fun events, too! We believe in an accessible, communal space for pet owners to have fun and learn about pet health. From costume and pie eating contests, to Play Dates, to DOGA (yoga with your dog), we would say that we're the life of the pawty.

        *If you have event planning experience and live in the Bay Area, apply to our full-time Community Marketing Coordinator position today!

        4. "We are committed to inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by creating authentic experiences and fostering community, one pet at a time."

          This is Healthy Spot's mission, and we hold it near and dear to our hearts. Not only do we work to provide pet owners the tools to care for their fur children, but we also aim to nurture the pet community as a whole. Our team works very closely with rescue organizations, participates in non-profit pet events and stays up-to-date about the latest pet health news. We believe in bringing the community together via accessibility, interaction and education.

          5. You are surrounded by dogs!

          Yes, that's right- you will be around our four-legged friends much of the time. If not, you'll be looking at photos of dogs and cats and working with some of the nicest people you could ever imagine. We’re more than just a place to work- we’re a pack!

          If you’re looking for a rewarding job and Healthy Spot sounds like the right place for you, then we encourage you to apply to any of our current openings!:

          Current Openings:

          Community Marketing Coordinator (Bay Area), Full-time: Healthy Spot is looking for a Community Marketing Coordinator to help lead and develop our pet-centered events throughout the San Francisco Bay community! You'll not only get to share your passion for Healthy Pet Lifestyles, but you'll use that passion to create exciting events for both pets and their parents.


          Mission Bay Assistant Retail Manager - Apply Here!

          Rockridge Retail Manager - Apply Here!

          Community Brand Ambassador - Apply Here!

          You can find our complete list of job openings here!

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