Party Animal Pet Food Tests Positive for Pentobarbital

Party Animal Pet Food Tests Positive for Pentobarbital

Apr 17, 2017Emily Wallace


Two varieties of Party Animal Pet Food have tested positive for the drug pentobarbital.  A Texas pet owner noticed her foster dog was ill and tested the food. The lab results were provided to

The foods tested were:

Party Animal CocoLicious – Beef/Turkey – LOT #0136E15204 04 – Pentobarbital Positive.

Party Animal CocoLicious – Chicken/Beef – LOT #0134E15 237 13 – Pentobarbital Positive.

Party Animal has issued a voluntary recall nationwide on these two lots. They are retesting these lots through an accredited independent laboratory to verify the presence of pentobarbital and expect to get results within 7-10 days. View their press release here.

We have spoken to the manufacturer and we are diligently gathering information as it becomes available. As we get more information in the upcoming days, we will update this article.

At this time, Healthy Spot has pulled all the Party Animal Pet Food off its shelves and will not sell this product as a precautionary measure until further notice. If you purchased this product at any of our locations, we will replace, exchange or refund the product for you.  We stand behind our products and want you to have full confidence of any and all food purchased at our stores.  

Pet health and well-being is at the core of our business and culture. Please visit the sites below for more information.

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