Dog Toys: Healthy Spot Glow Balls

Dog Toys: Healthy Spot Glow Balls

Apr 24, 2017Joseph Hotter

 We’d like to introduce you to the latest Healthy Spot brand product. In fact, we’re so excited we’re practically bouncing off the walls about it! That’s because we’ve got Healthy Spot Glow Balls!



Made from durable, non-toxic materials, our glow balls will provide your pup with endless enjoyment anytime of the day. Now only do they glow brightly with fun neon colors but they also float, perfect for summer nights by the old swimming hole or a day at the beach.


Our balls come in neon pink and neon green colors, and are easy to spot from any distance. Never lose your dog’s favorite ball again with these bright colors. Muster all your strength and throw that ball so far your dog will feel like they should have done a warm-up lap!

Healthy Spot Glow Balls are available at all Healthy Spot locations and at our online store! They make for great dog toys or gifts for those other pet parents in your life.



We can’t wait to see your pup chasing and fetching our Glow Balls. Show us by sharing your Glow Ball photos and videos on social media using #DogsOfHealthySpot, and be sure to tag us @healthyspot! We love seeing you and your pets engage with us on a personal level.

 If your dog is particular about their toys, check out our selection here!


What better way to test out your new toys than at a new dog park? Check out a list of Southern California dog parks you might enjoy here!  

Check out our video and see our Glow Balls in action with some very furry Healthy Spot employees!

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  • Hey guys!
    Would love to know if the glow balls can be made in a size small for all our little pups…


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