A Fresh Start With A Raw Diet

A Fresh Start With A Raw Diet

Dec 27, 2016Stephen Loh

A new year means a fresh start and for many people, that means committing to improving our health. Every year we want to make sure your pets keep their mind, body, and bowl in tip-top shape. Mentally stimulating play sessions and a good exercise routine is vital to a pets well being, but they’ll also need a diet to fuel all that activity. Make sure your fur baby is getting a fresh start with the help of a raw diet, and join the Rawnivore tribe now!



An Ancestral Diet

Traditional kibble is full of fillers, additives, and preservatives that lead to health issues such as diabetes and allergies. A raw diet is designed to be a more natural fit for your pet. Dogs and cats are naturally carnivores and raw foods provide options that their wild ancestors would have eaten such as raw meat, bones, and organs. Check out the tips to avoid in your pet's food here.



Preventative Health

A raw diet optimizes nutrient absorption for better health and lessens the effects of chronic degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, and kidney, pancreatic, and liver diseases which means less trips to the vet. It’s also more effective for weight management and causes less bloating due to less consumption of unhealthy grains and fillers. Check out all the benefits of feeding raw here.



More Energy, Less Smells

Your pets will look, feel, and smell better too! Raw foods help keep your pet’s coat softer and shinier while reducing that oily feeling from being on a kibble diet. It helps keep energy levels up so senior pets have their youthful playfulness again. Because your pets are absorbing more of the food they consume on a raw diet, less comes out the other end with less smells. It also keep their pet breath in check for stink free snuggles.

So make 2018 a fresh start! Talk to a Healthy Spot employee today and request a nutrition consultation.

Want more information? Check out this video of our founder, Andrew Kim, explaining the benefits of the Raw Diet in more detail. 

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