New Year New Pet // Tully's Dog Training

New Year New Pet // Tully's Dog Training

Dec 27, 2016Stephen Loh


January is National Train Your Dog Month and we’ve teamed up with Tully’s Training to make sure your pups are on their best behavior. Tully’s group classes are exclusively taught at Healthy Spot and offer classes for dogs of all ages. Like humans, dogs are always learning and crave mental stimulation. Tully’s Training offers a science-based approach to behavior modification using positive-reinforcement techniques to make sure your pup not only learns quickly, but enjoys each and every learning exercise.


We are hosting free seminars to kick things off with Tully's. 


 Tully's Approach To Dog Training 


Tully’s Training Program uses a holistic approach to their training methods. They take into account your dog’s exercise and diet routine along with their enrichment level to put together a training program that best suits your dog’s needs.



Their 4-tier core program starts with Positive Puppy Preschool for puppies who haven’t received all of their vaccination shots. Most behavioral issues develop before a dog turns three but these issues can be prevented with early and proper socialization. Positive Puppy Preschool takes advantage of the critical period between 0 to 16 weeks when proper socialization can provide the foundation of a well behaved pup.




Tully's offers a wide range of classes for all ages and experience levels. 



For dogs 2 to 6 months-old, Tully’s offers a five-week Positive Dogs Primary Class that focuses on socialization and training basics. The class is centered around your puppy’s attention span and teaches basics such as potty training, crate training, name recognition, socialization, basic sit/come/stay commands and how to walk on a leash. It also teaches dog owners how to properly discourage unwanted behavior while reinforcing wanted behavior.



Tully’s Positive Dogs Secondary Class builds off the Primary Class to show dog owners how to apply training techniques in real world scenarios. These class sessions include interactive discussions and a chance to practice proper socialization. It also teaches owners how to read and translate their dog’s body language. This class teaches techniques for name recognition, advanced sit/stay/come commands, leash manners, greeting other dogs while leashed, leave-it, and calming signals.



The most advanced course of the program is Positive Dogs University which helps prep your pup for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exam. This advanced course teaches dogs how to display polite behavior, accepting handling/husbandry, walking on a loose leash, walking politely through crowds, dealing with distractions, and supervised separation.

Tully’s Training is available at all Healthy Spot locations.

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